Saturday, 29 March 2008

Bienvenue/Herzlich Wilkommen... Parlez-vous Europop? This is my new blog where I’ll be writing (to anyone who’s remotely interested) about my travels abroad over the next year and a half, about any discoveries I might make, and no doubt moaning quite a lot too. Of course with a name like Parlez-vous Europop, I’ll probably be mentioning new musical discoveries quite a lot, but most of that will be over at my other blog Work Your Magic… It might get a bit personal and boring at times, seeing as I’ll be using this as a bit of a diary type thing as well. (I can’t be doing with the stupid, overcomplicated bit of software the EU people have given us to write everything down with, so I thought I’d stick to what I know :) ) I’ll try to make it interesting though :)

So as I’ve mentioned before over at Work Your Magic, I’m going off to Europe for a year (starting in about September hopefully) to work as part of my degree. That’s not quite as exciting as it sounds, as I’ll only be working in France and Germany, but I’m hoping to sort of travel around a bit at weekends and stuff too. I’ve travelled a lot, but there’s still loads of places in Europe I’d like to see. Luxembourg, Switzerland… Norway again would be nice :) I haven’t quite got all the arrangements sorted yet, but it looks like I’ll be going to Kiel in northern Germany (it was part of Scandinavia once :) ) to work for 6 months starting in September, and then Paris for another 6 months. All I know about Paris is that I won’t be working for Eurosport like I originally hoped, but if all goes to plan, I’ll be working in the International Relations Department of a big company that’s very well known over here :)

Before all that though, there’s the small matter of 3 days in Paris for Keira’s birthday next week- one evening being in the company of a certain Jonatan Cerrada at the Sentier des Halles… More about that later :)