Friday, 30 May 2008

Doom and gloom

Oh it's all happiness here at Europop Mansions Surrey Branch,and indeed Kent Branch too by the sounds of things.After a while it's very grating being told about the same problem over and over again,especially when there's nothing you can do about it,and when it involves you too.Also,just when I thought everything was starting to get sorted regarding my going away soon- I've just been informed I have to go to London in 2 weeks time for an interview for the French company I'm meant to be working for in Paris.Could have told me before!I've never even had an interview in English,not to mention French...

Anyway,I apologise for the moaning- I've been moaning to my lovely German friend over MSN for the last few evenings (he's probably sick of me getting him to translate things now!),and also to my mother,several people on Facebook and my boyfriend just now too.Maybe I should watch some more Russian Posse to cheer myself up...

Actually,I watched a nice cheesy Korean film earlier this afternoon.I don't normally have the attention span to sit and watch a film (yet I can sit through 3 hours of Eurovision,no problem),but this was only 90 minutes or something so it wasn't so bad.It's called 100 Days with Mr Arrogant,and if you like romantic films with a bit of a sadistic twist,you should probably watch it.It's a bit bizarre in places,and a bit predictable towards the end,but it's quite funny too.Apparantly 100 day anniversaries are a big thing in Korea for some reason.Coincidentally enough,it will be my 100th day anniversary tomorrow.Yes I'm that bored,I sat and worked it out.I shall be spending it on my own,cleaning the bathroom and trying to get rid of the scary mouldy growth thing that has attached itself to our tiles.Romantic!Anyway,100 Days With Mr Arrogant.I'll post the links...

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Thursday, 29 May 2008

You've seriously got a lot of doors

I mentioned The Russian Posse over on Work Your Magic today,but thought I should probably give them a mention here as well.If you like really surreal comedy and you also like a certain quartet of Russian pop stars (including the current King of Eurovision), you might like The Russian Posse. This is Ruslan's Rusladventure- I love it! (Although I'm not sure why...)

When we went to Paris- Part 1

So now I finally have some time off, I can actually update this blog, which is nice :) I’ve been meaning to write about this for ages so I’ve probably forgotten quite a few things by now, but still… As I said last time, myself and Keira went off to Paris to see Jonatan Cerrada at the Sentier des Halles back in April. For a proper ‘review’ of that, see my other blog Work Your Magic…

As I said last time, I (should) be off to live in Paris for a while starting in February next year. And seeing as the only time I’ve ever been to France was to Disneyland for a weekend when I was 11, it was nice to have a look around the city and try to get used to all the mad traffic and transport conventions.

It took a grand total of around 45 minutes to find our hotel, which was quite something seeing as it turned out we got off the bus only about 10 minutes away from it. I’ve discovered it’s true that you’ll never get anywhere in France unless you speak French, but even when you do, the Parisiens are not particularly helpful. Unless of course they genuinely didn’t know where Rue de la Banque was… Although it is in a pretty obvious place, so I think they did really.

Anyway, after all that trauma, we looked around and did all the normal touristy things- on the first day we went to see the Eiffel Tower, got accosted by keyring sellers who we managed to get rid of by speaking Russian in the only way we know (quoting lots of song lyrics). Then we went to Montmartre which was very nice, especially for me, as Montmartre is of course the home of Amélie Poulain. Amélie is my favourite film ever, and so I was quite excited to see such things as the Sacré-Cœur and Abbesses Metro station (there’s so many bloody steps there- it was like climbing Holmenkollen all over again- just not as scary). In the evening we went back to the Eiffel Tower to see it all lit up and pretty. Oh, and it sparkles on the hour every hour- there’s like 3 million bulbs (slight exaggeration) that flash on and off for about 10 minutes, it’s fabulous :) Was a bit depressing on the way back though, we were starving, and even McDonalds was shut. So we had to settle for couscous and tuna sandwiches and Mariah Carey on the telly. Rock and roll.

The next day was of course Jonatan Day. Very exciting. But of course first, there were more touristy things to do. The night before we left, Keira cleverly thought to google ‘Things to do in Paris.’ So off we went to the 12th arrondissement (I believe…) to the flea market (marché aux puces sounds so much nicer). Although it was more of a fruit and vegetable market than a flea market. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many fruit and vegetables in one place. Well, coming from Medway you don’t tend to see fruit and vegetables anywhere. Apple is a filthy word in Gillingham. It was all ridiculously cheap too- I began to quite look forward to moving over there. There were also a couple of shops around the place- I saw some amazing Dima boots in one such shop run by a little, old Chinese man. “Super” I thought, as I’d discovered the previous night that my current Dima boots (the only pair of shoes I had with me) were falling apart all over the place (although I’m still wearing them 2 months later). Alas though, they didn’t fit, which was quite embarrassing (and annoying, they were soooo nice), so after a quick conversation in French with the Chinese man about how fat my legs are (he kindly agreed), we were on our way to the Promenade Plantée, which apparently was once a railway track but had been completely invaded by weeds and stuff. So they thought they’d make it all nice and put proper plants in it, and let you have a nice leisurely walk around spying in all the local people’s apartments. It was very pretty actually, and I did like the apartments. Doubt I’ll live in one of them next year though, I don’t even want to think about how much it’d cost to rent one…

Ooh, this seems to have turned into a pretty long post. Maybe I’ll write some more later :)