Sunday, 29 June 2008

Sitemeter again...

Yes I'm still obsessed with it.My traffic on Work Your Magic has exploded this weekend- 70 hits so far today?From 41 countries?Madness...

Friday, 27 June 2008

No surprises

Is a great Radiohead song to play over the top of the video to DQ's Drama Queen,I just remembered as I wrote that title.But that's not what it was meant to refer to.I meant of course the fact that Russia lost last night after a pretty rubbish performance,and now we've got a...pretty boring actually- final between Spain and Germany to look forward to on Sunday.

Anyway.Apart from getting over the disappointment that there'll be no more Fabrika Zvezd ever (*cry cry*),I've been quite busy of late.Busy that is in a boring,anticlimatic way of trying to fill time.2 months of time to be precise.After the most fabulous weekend I've had in a long time last weekend,and all the business of interviews and bureaucracy (bloody loan people),there's now bugger all to do.Of course this time next week,everything going well,I'll be in Kiel (or at least on the way there) to look for somewhere to live,and discovering whether the atmosphere in Schleswig-Holstein is just as Scandinavian as I hope it is.But I daren't look forward to all that,because then when I get back,it really is going to be 2 months of nothing before I move there for real :/

So what have I been doing?Well,I've spoken to Keira a few times this week which has been nice.Seriously,the amount we communicate,you'd be forgiven for thinking we were the ones in a long-distance relationship :) Well,we have lived together in Surrey for 2 years now,it's pretty boring sitting in the front room in the evening without the Chelsi DVD on and conversations about how Russian pop will never be appreciated by the Schlager-fascists of Great Britain and extolling the virtues of Dima Koldun.

I've been reading articles from the blog of a BBC man called Mark Easton.Articles asking things such as- should the UK have a new national anthem?As a fan of...OK,it's time for me to come out now,as a fan of the shipping forecast and Radio 4,I hear sodding God Save the Queen every night.And I hate it.Someone commented saying the Russian national anthem is the best in the world.Good point,but we came up with a better one last year.

I've been reading a lot lately actually.I've been back here 3 weeks and I'm on my 5th book now (by Boris Johnson of all people).If you haven't read Stephen Clarke's A Year In the Merde and Merde Actually,you definitely should,they're hilarious.And they taught me some semi-useful things about Parisian life too.I've also discovered I'm into sickly,cheesy,happy ending love stories too :/ I finished one last night,the ending of which (divorced woman finally finds love,aforementioned lover has to leave the country,sadness all round,bloke changes his mind and goes back to woman instead of going to America) actually made me cry.That's even more embarrassing to admit than the shipping forecast thing.I don't know what's going on,I used to be so into my Scandinavian crime fiction...Anyway,the thing is- the more I read,the more I get frustrated that I'm not very good at writing.I've had a million ideas going round my head for the last few weeks that I really want to start writing about (fiction-wise this is,not for the blog),but it's just not happening for me.I need a big creative push from somewhere.

Anyway,that's all that's happened here for the past week.Fun fun fun.

(P.S,I did also get Sitemeter working on Work Your Magic the other day and I'm now obsessed with checking it- over 100 visitors from 28 different countries in 3 days!Only one Russian though.And no Belarussians as yet.)

Thursday, 26 June 2008

15 minutes...

Until the brilliant Russians take on Spain...I'm a bit excited.I'm even wearing my Russian flag ribbon that we got from the Russian Winter Festival.It's all going to go wrong though isn't it?....

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


So I finally asked for my exam results this afternoon just over a week after they came out.The reason I left it so long is because I was sure I failed Russian Grammar,and as I've never failed anything before ever,I wanted to put it off as long as possible.But it seems I got a far better mark for that than I expected,got 70% in French-English translation and 68% for all my troubles of researching and writing endlessly about Luxembourg and its triglossic nature.It's nice knowing I'll never have to write about Luxembourg again...My general Russian has also improved by a whole 5% on last year which is nice,but overall my mark dropped by 2,7%.Just like the French kitchen roll- it's not great,but it's OK :)

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Поздравляем Россия!

Trust the good old Russians not to let me down :) They played really well tonight (much better than Italy),and I was very pleased indeed that the lovely Roman Pavlyuchenko scored,especially after his pretty rubbish performance against Greece.He's fast becoming my favourite player in the tournament,although that might just be something to do with the very cute way he winks at the camera during the national anthem :) Of course Russia are not one of the best teams in the competition,but they've showed that you can't write them off just yet.The Holland game will be tough but fingers crossed they'll do it.Unfortunately I'll miss that game as I'll be in Cambridge,so I'm going to have to tape it and try to go a whole 24 hours without finding out the score.We'll see how well that goes...Oh,also,top marks to the ITV commentator who mentioned Believe at the end of the game tonight :)

Quelle Surprise

So I've just been informed I didn't get the job I was interviewed for last week.No surprise there.Still,what's annoying me is that I now have to get something sorted out within the next 2 months really and start the whole bloody process again.How nice it must be to just send off a few bits of paper and get what you want no questions asked.That was how we thought this would be anyway.Oh well.All that'll make me happy now is for Russia to thrash Sweden tonight- I'm hopeful :)

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Forza Azzurri!

So Italia survive the so called Group of Death,meaning poor Romania are knocked out.The thing is,Romania are quite possibly the better team at the minute which is a shame.Italy have just been lucky all the way through so far- they're going to need to do more than rely on penalites and deflections to beat Spain and/or whoever might be next.We'll see.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Top-notch entertainment :)

The other night I watched Amélie for about the 18th time.If you've seen it,then you'll know that Amélie's life is changed by the discovery of a box of childhood treasures left behind by the man who lived in her apartment several decades previously.Well I felt a bit like that man yesterday when I came across the video I'm going to post,a good 17 years after I saw it the first time.My mum remembers this video very well indeed and has apparantly been mentally scarred by it.She wrote this,maybe as a form of therapy...

"Right from when my daughter was born, she had found sleeping a very difficult thing to do, so my cunning plan to amuse myself as much as it was to amuse her was to read stories, play daft games anything, to induce her sleep. Yes we tried everything from womb music to lullaby’s, until we found the COSSACKS yes it was/is a very strange video indeed, these Cossacks are some of the ugliest cartoons that you will ever come across, they are not particularly funny but they amused her to the point of hysteria over their not so funny antics, the music is dire and has actually left me scarred for life.
We come across these videos when she was 4 years old I think, well she was at the age where she began to notice things in shops and was able to ask for them, so I thought why not if it is going to keep her quiet for a short time, give it a go plus it was only 99p. We got home and she immediately wanted to watch her new video, I personally could not believe my eyes when I saw all these hideous characters dressed as Cossacks marching and stomping around to the equally hideous music on my TV I glanced at my daughter to see her reaction to them, she was beaming and smiling as if all her Christmases had came at once, that was the beginning of my nightmare, Cossacks at least 3 times a day for months and months, why do I write this you ask, well I shall tell you she has been searching the internet in search of her ugly little childhood heroes, and guess what SHE FOUND THEM. The nightmare returns."

But what are the Cossacks I hear you ask? Well,it turns out they're Ukrainian (obviously I was a bit young to appreciate the Cyrillic at the time) and had a whole series of cartoons back in the 70s.Anyway,this is Kak Kazaki V Futbol Igrali (How the Cossacks played football).It's a work of genius- Vladimir Dahno is a legend :)

Oh yes,none of your American tripe like Sesame Street for me,non-verbal Soviet cartoons are where it's at :) Might explain why I like Fabrika so much...

Friday, 13 June 2008

Slightly longer post

Well today went pretty awful I think.Despite my fabulous brown/cream/gold ensemble (the most European looking outfit I could conjour up) and my Let's-Pretend-I'm-On-The-Apprentice attitude,I wasn't particularly prepared for any of the questions that got asked and couldn't really answer anything about the company properly :/ Still,I think my French was OK (you'd hope so after 10 years) and I only had to use a few English words.Hopefully that'll go in my favour :) So for now I'm trying to avoid all things French and I've had a bit of the old Russkiy Standard and listened to Hero and the Work Your Magic remix numerous times to cheer me up.Also,I'm really looking forward to next weekend :)

Anyway,nice to see Italy's performance wasn't too embarassing today.I don't get why everyone seemed to be writing Romania off since before the tournament began,but then again I don't see why everyone seems so surprised Italy aren't doing so well.I know we won the World Cup but well,that was 2 years ago.Things change.Still,nice to see this man's still looking as lovely as ever...

Old picture I know,but still.He doesn't look much different these days.Oh and look,he's a DJ too...

If only we'd got him on Sounds of Europe...

Oh,and while we're on the subject,just how lovely is Adrian Mutu?

Oh yeah,very.I felt quite bad for him when he missed the penalty,but to be honest,I didn't doubt for a minute that Gigi wouldn't save it :) I love him,he's probably my favourite of all the Azzurri.Probably the best one too.

Talking of penalties,last night's game between Austria and Poland was pretty hard work to watch.I wanted to want Austria to win (or draw),because with Switzerland already out,it would be a bit rubbish if the other hosts went the same way the day after.But my god,it was frustrating watching them.They had soooo many chances it was annoying that nothing came of them.Still,Vastić's penalty (I remember him from back in the days of France 98...) meant it's not quite over for the Austrians yet.Lucky,but I'm not sure they deserve it.

Anyway,Greece-Russia and Spain-Sweden tomorrow.I still believe in Russia (no Eurovision pun intended),I reckon the lovely Pavlyuchenko and co will have the Greeks no problem :)

Quick,pointless post #2

Also,Keira sent me this picture of Dima K at his birthday party.I thought it was quite cute and that I'd better post it :)

He certainly wouldn't be looking that bored if me and Keira had been there.He would have been terrified :)

Quick,pointless post #1

As the title suggests,this is just a quick post to say that I'm off to London in a minute for my interview with EDF.Exciting!I discovered last night that I actually know quite a bit about energy and the likes,having written 3 essays about nuclear power in the past few years.Let's just hope that helps!(And also hope that I can get back here quick enough to watch Italy get beaten by Romania).

Wednesday, 11 June 2008


I've probably mentioned before that my computer comes from biblical times.Well it seems it comes complete with miracles too.No one has touched the thing in the last few days,yet it has finally decided to make Facebook work now.For how long is anybody's guess but still...Hopefully youtube will be next.Although with The Russian Posse on a 'hiatus,' I'm not too bothered.

It's been an alright week so far- I seem to be inundated with offers from lovely people in Kiel saying I can live with them,the details of when/where my interview on Friday will be are (slowly) coming through (I'm making no comment about the very,very relaxed nature of the French),and the stupid good-for-nothing loan people have finally acknowledged the fact that I wrote to them 3 weeks ago.Happy days!Let's just not mention the football...

Watching Italy on Monday night was embarassing.So I didn't.Well,I was on the computer in the corner of the room meaning my view of the telly was 100% obscured by the chimney breast.But I think it was just as well I missed the Dutch hitting the net each one of the 52 times or however many it was,because otherwise I would have been very angry.Or sad.My other team (Russia) are not doing quite as well as I'd have liked either.In fact they're in exactly the same position as Italy- bottom of the group with a goal difference of -3.Shocking.I thought they looked pretty good yesterday against Spain- for the first 20 minutes at least.The first Spanish goal seemed a bit of a mistake really,and I thought the Russians would come back.After the 3rd one though,I kind of lost hope a bit.Still,there's always Roman Pavlyuchenko to look at...

And here he is again,clearly taking style tips from Dima Bilan circa Nochnoy Huligan.

Saturday, 7 June 2008


So I've been back in Kent for 3 days now.As I said on Work Your Magic the other day,this means I might not be able to update as often as I'd like because our computer here is from biblical times.Wireless?That's an alien concept- this computer can just about cope with Microsoft Word.

Anyway,I've been quite busy so far which has been nice- had a fabulous Chinese at the Tai Won Mein Noodle Bar with mother and auntie (well,one of many).There's a Facebook group that calls it the eighth wonder of the world- it's nice,but not quite that nice.Very cheap though,so if you're ever in the area- visit.
What else have I been doing...Oh,unpacking.My God that was fun- I really didn't realise I had so much bloody stuff.There's no room for it here,so it's currently all over the bedroom floor.For someone who hates mess,it's a nightmare.
Went back to Guildford today to get the rest of my 'stuff' too.Was a bit sad leaving Europop Mansions (also known to all the cool people of Guildford as The Rye Experience) for the last time,but hey,maybe we'll get to move back in the year after next :)

This mad,hedonistic lifestyle is set to continue at least for a while.I have a Christening to go to tomorrow,my EDF interview to prepare for and go to if/when I find out where it is and at what time,calls to make to Germany and the stupid,useless loan company,emails to write to these lovely German girls who don't mind the idea of me living with them,coaches to book for our trip to Luton Airport (should be fun :/) and birthday presents etc to buy.Oh,as well as making arrangements to visit Shabs in London,go to visit the town we're moving to soon and sending off my sodding EU Grant forms once and for all.Maybe eventually I'll get to start learning Italian as was my main aim for the summer.Very much looking forward to the weekend after next though,as I'm going up to Cambridge to visit the boyfriend :) :) :) One thing's for certain,I don't think this summer's going to be half as boring as last year's.

Anyway.Last week I posted about some blogs that I liked- one of them being Paris Daily Photo.Well I just found 2 other blogs on a similar theme- one about somewhere I know and love and one about somewhere I've been fascinated with for a while. Maybe I should start my own Medway photo blog...No,no one would want to see that.Also,The Iceland Weather Report is a really good read as well.It's written by a lady who lives in Reykjavík and is about all sorts of goings-on in the city.As much as I love my music blogs,I do really like to read about other people's lives too.

Well,that's all for now...Actually,must just mention how much I'm loving Euro 2008 already (even though I fell asleep during Switzerland v Czech Republic and I watched hardly any of Portugal v Turkey),but it's nice seeing teams and players you wouldn't normally see.The opening ceremony was quite interesting too- simple but quite effective.I loved the cows being chased by the farmers :) (They weren't real).Still not sure who I think will win seeing as I haven't kept up with football for absolutely ages.Obviously I'm supporting Italy,but I'm really hoping Russia do well too.We shall see...

Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Look at our wonderful Fabrika Zvezd T-shirts that Diana (or sbould I say Диана) made us.How fabulous!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

How do you light your shed?

I've been feeling quite miserable today,partly because I'm missing the boyfriend.Yes,I know it hasn't even been 2 weeks since the end of term.And yes,I know that's really sad.I'm also getting very disillusioned with finding somewhere to live in Kiel,it's just not happening at the minute.But anyway.I've been gorging myself on Ruslan pictures,which is always a nice way of cheering oneself up :) So let's have some more.


Ooh,he's so pouty and lovely....

God I want a Belarussian of my own now might be (but probably not) wondering about the title of this post.Well,it's actually the title of a post on another blog.Shedworking is one of today's "blogs of note".Why?Who cares about sheds?In fact,a lot of these blogs of note are really rubbish.So I've come up with some of my own that I've found in various places.

Paris Daily Photo is a really nice blog which is exactly what the name suggests.Loving today's picture because it's of the Place des Vosges,one of the coolest places myself and Keira visited back in April.(Oh yeah,must finish writing about that...)

I've always loved Communist propaganda art for some reason.Which is why I like A Soviet Poster A Day It's not updated very much by the looks of things,but there's some cool stuff on there.

I've always been fascinated by everything to do with travel too.As a kid,my favourite programmes were Airport and Holiday :) So I'm loving Culture Shock It's written by an American girl living in Oslo and travelling all over the place.I'm so jealous :) She writes about everyday life in Oslo,tourism in Oslo,as well as all the other places she's visited,such as Lithuania and Italy.There's also some stuff about overcoming culture shock,and advice on moving abroad.It's great!

Sunday, 1 June 2008

L'amore mio non puo' disperdersi nel vento

So today (or rather,yesterday now) has been a bit better than Friday,although it's been one of those days where the time has just gone really fast without me doing anything whatsoever.I woke to find the whole shower curtain and pole collapsed in a pile in the bath,and the mouldy growth thing on the tiles looking just as manky as ever.But did I do anything about either of those things?No.Instead I've just sat around all day checking my emails and Facebook every 3 minutes (with no results),and chatting to mother on MSN.Actually,I did have a big tidy up of the bedroom as well,complete with a big old singalong to such delights as Believe,This Is My Life and Always Always.The neighbour was in the garden at the time so probably heard every word (sorry about that Dorothy).Anyway,the long called-for tidy up was in aid of the fact that we're moving out soon.Yes,Europop Mansions Surrey Branch will be no more :( But more about that later.

I did manage to watch (most of) the final of Britain's Got Talent as well.Both mother and my aunt have been going on about it all week so I thought I should have a look.I was shocked at the amount of children on it.Children should not be allowed on television under any circumstances,because they are horrible.Saying that though,the 12 year old opera-type singer was amazing.But still,I wanted Signature to win.

After that I watched a film.Yes,2 in 2 days- this must be a record.Tonight's was Malèna,which I only really watched because it's Italian.It's a good film (starring the annoyingly gorgeous Monica Bellucci),but my god it's depressing in places.Basically,if you haven't seen it,it's about a war widow (WW2) in a small Sicilian town where everyone is horrible to her because they're jealous of her beauty etc etc.Anyway,because everyone's horrible to her,her widow's pension ends up being cut so she has to find other ways of making money.You can probably guess the rest.It's a bit different though because the story is kind of told from the perspective of a 12 year old boy who's a little bit obsessed with Malèna,and is the only person in town who sees her for who she really is,and doesn't listen to all the rumours and nastiness about her spread by the adults of the town.Having said it's depressing though,there are some funny bits,especially the scenes with Renato (the boy) at home- which do nothing to dispel the stereotypes about big,loud Italian families :)

After that,I thought I'd stick on the Italian theme and youtube a few things.I was quite excited to come across a video of Giuseppe (Pino/Batman) Taglialatela- Napoli FCs retired but still immensely popular goalkeeper.He also happens to be my cousin.I use the term 'cousin' in a fairly loose sense,because the Italian part of my family is so big,it gets confusing.Anyway,he played for some bigger teams like Fiorentina (which is where he was when I first found out about him),but it's Naples where they like him the most- he's a regular on the Napoli FC channel,which is sometimes quite amusing to watch,even though I can't understand anything.I don't understand anything that's going on here either but the woman seems quite excitable...