Sunday, 26 October 2008

Miscellaneous items and observations from this week


- Here is my watch

Isn't it completely fabulous?!

- And here's my new jacket that my mummy bought,which I've also wanted since I came here (although I only found it in a shop today)

I love it.Now I love my university but I'd never wear anything with its name on,that's just not my thing...But I'll happily wear something with the name of the city I live in where I have no friends,the weather's pretty much constantly crap and there's not much to do.But it's cool,and I do like living here.

- Scandinavian fashion is cooool.I quite like Cubus when I'm in Norway but I only really bothered going in the Kiel branch this week.I bought a wonderful pink cardigan thing,a new umbrella (very overdue),a white cardigan,and this...

Yes the cat's a bit trippy,but it's saying Number One Fan,so I had to have it :)


- Drunk people in Germany can be both hilarious and terrifying.Terrifying was my housemate on Friday night- I didn't see her but heard her giggling loudly (not normal behaviour),stamping up and down the corridor and shouting things down the stairs.Also terrifying was the man at the hotel last night who was collapsed in the corridor holding a bread roll.He looked dead,it was quite a surprise when we turned the corner.Hilarious was the one at the station today who staggered up to the escalator,fell down halfway up it and sat with his back to the top of it,but still managed to get up,turn around and wobble off it in time.

- Blue Caipirinhas make me go funny.

- The Astor Bar is fabulous.I want to try as many of their cocktails as possible while I'm here.One of the waiters was also very cute indeed.

- German football fans are...interesting.A massive group of Holstein Kiel fans got off the train at Lübeck yesterday on the way to Rostock.They were a bit like an army the way they were marching up the stairs chanting in unison,I say chanting,they seemed to just be saying "Lübeck" over and over again.The police following them to the next train looked so bored.I doubt the fans were that cheerful on the way back though.A 3 and a half hour train trip isn't quite as fun when your team have lost 3-1.

- Prohor Shalyapin is probably the only man in the world who can get away with wearing a white suit and white shoes.Because you kind of expect it of him.Men in their late 60s should not imitate this look.Auf keinen Fall.

- Restaurants in Kiel are wonderful.I should go to some more often.Although I doubt I can keep my 100% record of not paying for anything much longer.

- Some German cakes scare me.Iced pastries are all very well,but what the hell is putting poppy seeds in them all about?!

- The first taste of bacon after 2 months was as glorious as expected.God bless the Scandinavians!


Yes this week,I had conversations.Whoa...I think everyone should be forced to live somewhere where no one bothers socialising with them for a few months,just to see if a) they can hack it (answer- no they couldn't.99% of people would go home after about 3 weeks) and b) if they appreciate conversation/company more when they finally have some.

My German teacher came to SH on Tuesday and we had a really good evening.The local brewery was...interesting,and the spag bol and German white wine at the Restaurant Negresco were lovely.The morning after wasn't so lovely though.

It's difficult showing people around Kiel who've never been here before.Because I have no one to do things with and I ain't going to pubs etc on my own,my world revolves around Holstenstraße and...yeah Holstenstraße.Which isn't a bad thing,there's some really nice shops there.But to be honest,everyone I speak to says Kiel is boring anyway,so there's probably not much outside of Holstenstraße :)

Thursday was goddamn boring.Morally superior as I am,I thought I'd better make an effort and get my housemate something for her birthday even though we only communicate through notes on the hallway table it seems.But then,thinking if no one from home can be arsed to do anything for my birthday,why should I for hers.So I ate the chocolate,and the (ridiculously expensive) card is still on my desk.Me,bitter?No.

On Friday I had to do something really important at short notice.Well,that was the intention,but (thankfully) I wasn't needed very much when it came down to it.I would have buggered off from here a long time ago if my job wasn't so bloody cool.

Die Eltern came to SH on Friday,which meant I've had a whole weekend of conversation.I now own that lovely Cerruti watch :) It's so sparkly that taking pictures of it doesn't work because there's too much reflection going on.

We went to Lübeck yesterday...

That's the Holstentor- one of 4 gates to the city,but one of only 2 that's left

River Trave.The buildings are very Belgian-esque I think

St Petri Dom.It's full of modern art and not much else.Bizarre

That's the devil outside another cathedral (Marienkirche).The story is that the builders of the church promised him they were building a wine bar.When he found out it wasn't a wine bar,he threw a big stone at the church to try and destroy it (the stone he's sitting on).The builders gave him his own way in the end,and built a wine bar opposite the church.That's why he looks so happy I suppose :)

View of the Rathaus and Rathausplatz from the viewing platform at the Petri Dom.There were some bizarre things going on in the square- a woman dressed as a flower picking up bottle tops,lots of bright green nuclear waste all over the place...Weird.

Oh! And...

How cool?! They do really nice jacket potatoes with sour cream,and there's a really cute waiter there who looks a bit like Anžej Dežan.Sort of.

Today we spied on some Norwegians and had lunch at the Norwegian restaurant.It's amazing,they have fabulous tables with glass tops covering up pebble mosaic-type thingies,metal folders for the menus (which are entirely in Norwegian),and it's full of Norwegians.What more could you want?!Ordering and asking the associated questions was a bit mindbending though because I kept forgetting where I was and said a few Norwegian words by mistake.The same happened at the Italian restaurant below my flat on Friday.I just can't cope with 2 foreign languages at once.It was good though.

On Thursday when I was bored at work,I was checking out flights to Oslo and things.Doing that always makes me feel a bit queasy with excitement I must admit.And being at the ferry terminal and hearing all the Norwegians made me want to there even more.This urge to go to Norway happens every year now.It must be satisfied...

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Start wasting my time

Is a song on Teitur's latest album.I still haven't written about the gig,I know.But I haven't forgotten about him,I still love him more than any other Faroese singer/songwriter :) Anyway,it's a good song,and an appropriate title for a post about the most uneventful weekend ever.Well I went into town and bought some wonderful little candle holders that I've been coveting since I saw them in Schleswig last month- got a free sample of Ed Hardy too,that's surely the best name for a perfume in the world ever!But apart from that I've been in bed pretty much the whole weekend doing what I don't even do at home that much- watching British telly.Since Friday night I've watched nearly 2 whole series of Peep Show (still the best sitcom ever.Easily),X Factor,lots and lots of Harry Hill (last night's "and most of all...most of all...I LIKE THE WAY YOU MOVE!" cracked me up so much),the second series of Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Britain's Got the Pop Factor (R Wayne's medley is one of the funniest things I've seen in ages).In fact,if you haven't seen it,you must:

Here's his audition and obligatory sad story...

...and this is him at the final...

Hehe :)

Also been obsessed with Overheard in New York (exactly what the name suggests)and the related websites at the bottom- they're so funny.I liked this one in particular- saw it and just had to post it :)

Italian American: You're from Italy? I'm Italian too.
Italian tourist: You're not Italian.
Italian American: What? You don't think my family's from Italy? Go fuck yourself.

Actually I did do some useful things.I've done a lot of washing,I bought enough food to actually last me the weekend (although still went out dressed like a complete slob at 5 o clock this afternoon for a kebab.Damn having a kebab shop right opposite my flat,that's too much temptation!) and I hoovered my room.Didn't bother doing any of the work I brought home on Friday to do,but whatever.I've actually really enjoyed doing nothing.Can't wait to do it again sometime :)

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Excursion of the week

"We went on a trip to the lowest point in Schleswig-Holstein- it was a car park with a toilet in it.A lorry came to empty the toilet while we were eating our breakfast...And then we went and drove around a nuclear power station"

Don't let it be said there's nothing to do here!

Today was much better than expected actually,despite being at the Chamber of Commerce before everyone else and not having much to do there anyway.Had a chat with my British acquaintance and met another one too- I got his business card,I just love to network.Had to then leave halfway through,to run home and get changed (jute bags and tights don't get on),shovel down a cheeseburger (that's completely the wrong word I know,but I can't think of the right one- this is becoming a recurring theme),and rush back to the office for my "lesson".It was a good afternoon actually,the girls today were really nice,and it was nice to have a vaguely girly chat for once.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Quote of the week

"Kiel is just like San Francisco...if you use your imagination" It really isn't :)

I went to an art exhibition...thing,where I work today (had to make up the numbers).I'm keeping quiet about the 'art' but it was a nice chance to mingle.Although actually I latched on to my Occasional Lunch Buddy (OK,so it's been twice,but I'm still not sure what his name is) and a guy who I'd just spent most of the afternoon with,but still.I'm showing independance from my department!

The lesson/discussion group thing today felt disastrous,because we'd discussed everything I'd planned after 20 minutes.I think I managed to win over the 2 guys (one of them was very chatty indeed,which was nice- restoring my faith in the people of SH),but the girl didn't have much to say :/ Then again,she didn't have much chance to get a word in.More of the same tomorrow,after my big moment as receptionist at the Chamber of Commerce.Joy.

Anyway.The exhibition was interesting...I understood hardly anything of what the artists were saying,but then again,that's artists for you.All I remember was one talking about blowing things up,another talking about "frottage" (now that means something to me that isn't art-related at all...) and "red is a thought process".That's a great line that one,must remember to tell James.My lunch buddy said I looked like a proper artist myself (secretly,that was the effect I was going for today,so I'm glad it didn't go unnoticed :) ) and then we discussed Northern Germany,Denmark,literature,art...It was nice.I'm going to be doing some work for him soon,he's going to come over and have a chat with me about it.I love getting visitors!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Ken lee...tulibu dibu douchoo

Obsessions,observations and everything else that's happened this week

- See post below.I get paid on Wednesday.I think my wages won't last long :)
- Skype.Oh dear,me and Keira have found a free way of communicating.Our computers don't seem to like it very much but still.It's like nothing ever changed...admittedly when we converse in real life,we don't repeat the same word over and over at high speed for about 5 minutes and have to guess what has been said because of strange bomblike noises cutting out the speech,but anyway...
- 90s music.Erm,yeah...I don't need to say anymore than that really
- The phrases "Hear me nah" and " it me you're looking for?" Hehe :)
- Coke.I can't stop drinking it since my 8 litres of apple juice in the office disappeared.Even have a bit of banter with the Iranian(?) man in the shop nextdoor to the office these days when I go and buy his overpriced cans every day.OK,so they cost 55p,but you can get them for 35p in Sky.I hope he's greatful for my custom :)
- Talking of Sky,I love this advert so much...

I don't even know why.It's been outside Sky ever since I've been here,and I think it's really cool."Jetzt kommt Phantasie ins Spiel..."- doesn't it just?

- Failblog- giving us delights such as this.Watch out,may contain traces of Kirkorov.He gets everywhere.


- Kiel is a city full of love.There's the "Liebe" bridge in Europaplatz,adverts all over bus stops for some kind of dating agency,the massive "Seni seviyorum" (Turkish for I love you) written on the pavement on Ziegelteich (I think),the crazy amount of weddings I've seen since I've been here (usually one a day on my lunch break just down the road from the office),happy couples everywhere (old people,young people,Chinese tourists taking naff pictures of eachother),impossibly gorgeous men with clearly less attractive's DEPRESSING!
- I'm getting to like my housemate.No we still don't talk to eachother,and she's obsessed with cleaning,and she still does the face that makes it look like I'm speaking Bulgarian on the odd occasion we do exchange a word or two- but the way she does my washing for me and folds it up in such a precise manner that shop display makers would be ashamed,makes me think that she can't be all bad.
- Holtenauer Strasse looks cool,I feel I should have given it a chance and not written it off in favour of Holstenstrasse.Was going to go there today (it's verkaufsoffener Sonntag after all- should make the most of it),but the weather's so grim,I can't really be bothered anymore.But,Weiland bookshop are having an Italian evening on my birthday- it's a sign!
- Sometimes it's best not to say what you think

Everything else that's happened this week:

- I've acquired an insane amount of work.I like
- I had a meeting at the Minstry of Justice.Believe me it sounds a million time more glamorous than it was.Although I did get to speak some (mangled) Russian,which was nice
- I got an offer to go out somewhere.Will it really happen,will it not?Probably not,but still,it's exciting!
- More holes in socks- grrrrrrrrr

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Give me what I want,give me what I need

Said Aleksei Vorobyov once.Well what I want is this...

I love this watch sooooo much.I saw it in Karstadt the other day and have been back to look at it several times since.I didn't realise Cerruti even made watches.Dunno how much this one costs- somewhere around the €200 region most likely,but I think it's worth it.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Be my lover, be my friend

The distinction in German between friend and boyfriend always bothers me.In linguistic terms that is,not in everyday life- that hasn't caused me problems :) At breakfast with someone I work with this morning I refered to 3 or 4 different guys as "mein Freund",she must have thought I'm a right ho.Especially as they all live in different countries :) In truth though- one was "mein Freund" once,one never will be,one I would absolutely love to be and the other one...well,he's Danish.There really should be two separate words.That's one aspect of German language that baffles me anyway.There are other little things I've noticed too.When someone says "ich sag dir Bescheid" (I'll let you know)- they don't.And when someone says "ich komm gleich" (I'm just coming)- they're not,and won't do for about half an hour.

I started teaching English on Monday.Well,we spoke about football,ski jumping and telly for an hour and a half in English anyway.He's a really nice guy and speaks really good English,and I enjoyed our 90 minutes a lot.As I've mentioned many a time on here,the rare occasions I get to speak English are great.Next week though,I'm meeting not only the guy from this week,but 4 other people too :/ Now I've met these people before and I can't say we hit it off as well as me and him did,so I'm a bit worried.Also my Ginglish is improving so much,it's not going to help them very much.This week already on Skype to Keira I've said- "Can you hear me goodly?" and "That's badder". Oh dear :)

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

It's a sin

Ah the sinful passtime of internet telephony and messaging...After 4 hours of Trans-Baltic Skyping with Keira on Monday and a slightly less successful attempt last night,I thought tonight would be spent doing useful things like washing and finally writing about the gig on Friday.Well,my housemate has done my washing for me but I've written bugger all.Instead I've been chatting online to my lovely Flensburg friend,which has been a very amusing way to spend the evening.He's sent me yet more wonderful songs and we've discussed beer,Denmark and my birthday party from last year.Oh,and discovered that our favourite Marabou chocolate is the one with orange bits in and our favourite national anthem is Russia's.I can't wait to see him actually (as mentioned many times before I can't wait to see anyone I know- and the week after next I have not 1,but 3 visitors!),but whether that actually happens or not is another matter.For now though it's just nice knowing I have a friend who I'm in regular contact with not too far away.It makes the fact that hardly anyone down here talks to me a bit more bearable :)

The Esbjerg experience: Conclusions

I feel at home in Esbjerg.Not the idealistic "wow I'd love to live here" way I do when I'm in Oslo,but the realistic "this place is so boring,but it's what I'm used to and I couldn't imagine it ever being different" way.The numerous tracksuits,hoodies,screeching kids and crazy amount of beercans littering the streets on Saturday morning didn't bother me at all.

At the gig,this was the one exchange in Danish that I understood:

Teitur- "So what is there to do on a Friday evening in Esbjerg apart from come to a Teitur concert?"
Woman- "Late Night Shopping?"

Still,we don't even have that in Medway...

As little as there was to do though,I'm glad I went.It makes a change going somewhere that isn't all glossy and polished because lots of tourists go there.If I wanted that I guess I could go to Copenhagen or somewhere else that people outside of Denmark have heard of.Which I will do,eventually.

Also,I'll never go anywhere again without knowing a few words of the local language.Normally I do (and I do know some Danish,I just didn't have the chance to revise it before I went.Danes- like most Scandinavians- speak perfect English but I feel so ignorant going somewhere and not even being able to ask for a Coke in the right way.But then maybe that's just the nature of being a linguist.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

The Esbjerg experience: Day 2

You can read about the gig on Work Your Magic. But not at the minute…

I get back to the hotel at just gone midnight, have a check of BBC World then get into bed and listen to a bit of Teitur. It’s generally at this point that the amazingness of the gig hits you, and this was no exception.

I don’t want to get up the next morning, the novelty of having a real, British-like pillow is something I don’t want to leave behind. But then I remind myself that yesterday I did nothing, and that today I really should look around a bit more. Maybe there’ll be something to do after all. I eat the rest of my Haribo strawberries, pack and leave in the direction of Englandsgade. This was a mistake as there’s nothing up there, and I end up back down at the church I found yesterday. It’s still shut.

After getting very excited about seeing the best-named pub in the world...

I decide to go back down to the harbour.If you can call it that.

At this point it's just finished hailing and I've come out from my temporary shelter of a disused customs hut.From Esbjerg you can get a ferry to Harwich and also smaller ferries to the island of Fanø in the Wadden Sea.If I'd had more time I would have done,Fanø looks a nice place.

I walk around a bit,coming across a playground that contained giant wooden parrots that I felt compelled to take a picture of...

I try to find the Esbjerg museum,but fail.So I go to the Art Museum instead,which is in a fancy building next to the Water Tower,one of the biggest attractions in town.

The art museum is...interesting.Lots of modern stuff there that wouldn't be out of place in the Tate.I kind of wish James,my modern art buddy was here.

I go back to the square,to the tourist office to change up some more Euros,because they have a bag there that I want.I end up getting a lot more kroner than I needed,and getting the bag for free anyway.I then use this surplus kroner to buy Teitur's latest album The Singer.Now I have every song he's ever done,I'm very happy :)

Sensing that my work in Esbjerg is done,I have another quick look around the square and Kongensgade.The Amerindian band are still there...

At this point I should point out something about panpipe-playing Amerindian bands.The first time I saw one was about 7 years ago in Portugal.I thought they were very exotic and cool.Since then I've seen them in Chatham,Oslo,Kiel and now Esbjerg.And they seem to play the same music...Although this one did a wonderful rendition of Without You by Nilsson,which made me smile.It was like muzak in a lift...

I make my way back to the station,hoping to get an earlier train than expected.This is problematic because of course- Deutsche Bahn are useless and tell me my destinations but not which train I have to get to reach the destination.After asking a lovely,helpful (possibly Norwegian) girl,a man who assured me very "no,it's not this train.This train is going North..." in such a wistful way it made me want to go to the mysterious place that is North too,and a lady who works for Danske Statsbaner,I finally got on the right train to Lundeskov.The trip back wasn't too bad.In summary...

Esbjerg-Lundeskov: It's a wonderful experience listening to Louis Louis on the ipod whilst going through sunny Danish countryside and looking at a rainbow...There's also something quite hot about the way Danish men swear in English...

Lundeskov-Padborg: I overhear some English people...

Padborg-Flensburg: I start a conversation with the English people,about banks,Schleswig,Teitur and the Faroe Islands.Turns out they've been there and were disappointed that the place in Tórshavn that sells puffin and chips was shut.But they have a stuffed puffin from there,so everything is right in the world.

Flensburg-Kiel: A (typical?) Russian mother sits in front of me,telling her daughter to be quiet and sit down every time she moves or says a single word.She then gives her mobile to her daughter,a mobile that is eminating a song that sounds quite a lot like Valeriya.I never thought I'd see the day I heard Russian pop music being played in public that isn't from myself or Keira.It is a truly great moment :)

The Esbjerg experience: Day 1 Part 2

Train 4- Lundeskov- Esbjerg: Lundeskov is a pretty dead place, although it has a whole 3 platforms. I take this opportunity to eat some of my wonderful Haribo Primavera strawberries (breakfast) and listen to a bit of Take That. Train journey is pretty uneventful, although I do get to see my first few Danish Popos. Mmm…

Arriving in Esbjerg I decide to find Tobakken, the venue for the gig tonight before I do anything else. I find it. It’s huge and I have no idea where the entrance is. It’s in a not very nice place that reminds me of an industrial estate in Chatham. There’s all sorts of car showrooms and builders yard type places, and a Rema 2000 which makes me happy because they have them in Norway. I’m happy to be back in Scandinavia after what feels like ages.

As you can see there's also a lovely little underpass thing there that makes me think of Guildford and Tesco.

I make my way along Englandsgade to find my hotel. Success. The receptionist tells me I can check in early. Success. My room is in the attic up a good 60 steps or so. Mmm. It’s a tiny tiny room but I love it all the same. Mint green sheets, BBC World on the telly and lots of mirrors. What more could you want?

I go back out into town to try and find something to do. I’m shocked at the main shopping street (Kongensgade I think), because it’s so much like Gillingham or Chatham High Street it’s untrue. Admittedly it’s on a much bigger scale and there are posh shops like Bang & Olufsen, but all in all, it’s exactly the same. There are market stalls selling pretty rubbish clothes at high prices, there’s an Amerindian band playing panpipes (more about that phenomenon later), and the people…My God- if, as a species, humans are genetically closest to monkeys, then as a race, Esbjerg people are Kent people’s closest relatives. There are erm, large women pushing prams and smoking, screeching and crying kids being told off by their mothers, and oh so many guys wearing let’s say “typical Medway clothes”. The one major difference being that everyone, and I mean everyone I see is gorgeous. This is not the case in Medway, as anyone who’s ever been there can testify.

I go to Føtex, a mini department store I guess that is bedecked with Danish flags. There are a lot of Danish flags around town. I imagine how I’d feel if Gillingham was covered with Union Jacks, and decide if I was Danish I would hate this. However, as I’m not, I think it’s quite cute that there are colourful red and white crosses all over the place. In Føtex you can buy candles, paper plates, bunting etc with Danish flags on. But I didn’t. I did see this however…

Fun Light.Appropriate for somewhere as boring as Esbjerg.I bought it though,because it's squash.I know!In mainland Europe!It's good stuff too.They did have Ribena and Robinsons but that was ridiculously expensive.

I go to Midt-I shopping centre. It’s even worse than the Pentagon. But I do find a CD shop where I buy Teitur’s Faroese album Káta Hornið. It’s great :) I then buy some smørbrød- my favourite aspect of Scandinavian cuisine, and go back to the hotel.

Even now I'm still not sure if that was fish or chicken in the breadcrumbs...

I watch telly (there's 2 Danish channels and BBC,the rest are German) for a while and then fall asleep.Well,I don't want to wear myself out,I have an exciting evening to look forward to after all...

The Esbjerg experience: Day 1 Part 1

Friday morning in Kiel is wet and windy. Again. Like it has been for the last 3 days. Great news for my half an hour walk to the station with already severely broken cheap umbrella. Still, I get there about half an hour before the train to Flensburg leaves, not failing to notice the rather high number of policemen wandering around. Maybe that’s always the case on bank holidays, I don’t know.

Train 1- Kiel-Flensburg: Mmm Deutsche Bahn trains are small. But very clean and I’m next to a radiator which means my jeans which are soaked up to the shins could possibly be dry by the time I get to Flensburg. On the way the train whizzes through a hell of a lot of fields, several containing lots of Christmas trees, and then small areas of rather magical looking forest. My imagination goes a bit mad, probably because of the caffeine injection from McDonalds at the station and my tiredness. We go through Eckernförde- a place that always amazes me because of its constant sunniness even when there’s rain and gloom on either side of it. It’s very pretty too by the looks of things, I’ve been past it 4 times now I think but haven’t actually stopped there. Past Eckernförde, the crazy amount of Friesian cows amuses me, although this is Friesland so I don’t know what I expected. I listen to Teitur’s first two albums on the ipod, while getting annoyed by the dog and its squeaky toy behind me. James would hate it. Conductor comes round and I hear him say to himself that the guy sitting in front of me is going to Denmark too. Ooh, a train buddy?

Train 2- Flensburg- Padborg: Turns out the man going to Denmark is Brazilian and doesn’t speak German. Thank God, a conversation in English! We panic a little bit trying to find Platform 2 because we have about 2 minutes to get on the train. Finally find it though and it reminds me of one of those horrible grubby Southern ones that take you from Clapham Junction to Victoria. I also think of Emma, because the gap between the platform and steps is huuuuge! She’d be terrified :) We sit in a weird little plastic cabin thing and chat about travelling- this guy’s been to London, Holland, Munich and Kiel already in the last few months, now he’s off to Copenhagen. He’s doing it all on his own too, I don’t think I could do that. Well, I could, but I’d get so bored. We have a Eurostar moment about 5 minutes into the (10 minute) journey, when the Brazilian guy asks “this is Denmark now isn’t it?” I thought it was. Turns out it wasn’t.

Train 3- Padborg- Lundeskov: We’re greeted by a Danish policeman who looks like he should be in some Scandinavian crime fiction novel. “Hei. Pass?” Oh yes of course, Schengen might be in place but we still need our passports everywhere. No problem with platforms this time, there are only 2 at Padborg. Seems I can stay with my train buddy a bit longer. Thank God, because the train is rammed with Danish kids on some school trip, being loud and annoying, while their teacher (who looks like Åge Hareide) does nothing. Me and the Brazilian guy whose name I still don’t know, don’t talk at all during this trip, which is probably just as well because we wouldn’t be able to hear eachother anyway. I have some guys coat which is hanging up by the window brushing against my ear for the whole trip. I can’t wait to get to Lundeskov.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Hello from Esbjerg

Never before have I felt so at home in a foreign city but so confused by everything at the same time...I shall explain more when I get back to Germany- (this computer is a Mac and it's horrible).