Friday, 30 January 2009

Letzte Tag :(

So today is my last day in Deutschland,although it still doesn't feel like it.Work was uneventful,although I did get more presents.I've packed everything now so can't show you- but from my department colleagues I got some Lübeck marzipan (blue and red varieties),a little tin of mints with the SH flag on,a shopping bag with the SH flag on,some kind of liqueur from Eckernförde called Küstennebel (Coastal Fog- how appropriate for a Shipping Forecast fan such as myself!),chocolate Kieler Sprotte (Kiel is famous for its real smoked sprats) and a really cool pink top with "Kieler Deer'n" (Plattdeutsch for Kiel Girl) written on it.It's supercool :) I also got some Raffaello coconutty sweets from my colleague in Brussels who I've been working with the most in the last few months (as if sorting out somewhere for me to live in Paris wasn't enough),and a really nice book of funky black and white pictures of Kiel from my friend in the marketing department (who also took me out for a very nice lunch last week).

Oh,and I was also officially invited back here for Kieler Woche in June.Which I will try and do despite still being in France then.

All I can really hope for now is that the €2 million project application we've been working on since September gets accepted.And that if it does,the 3 partners I personally got involved do a good job :) But we won't find out until autumn apparantly.

I love SH and am still disappointed that no one has really come over to see for themselves.But 5 months is probably enough.And anyway,Jonatan Cerrada is in Paris for the next two months,that's a sign if anything that it's time to go :)

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A fruity start to the day

Was what I was wished yesterday when I was greeted by this little arrangement on my desk...

A present from the health research group.Yeah,I was a bit surprised to find out investment banks have such a thing.But the accompanying letter told me that if I regularly eat fruit,I'll stay healthy through the winter (2 months too late),and listed all the good things that are in apples and mandarins.

I hate the texture of orange-type fruits.All that lovely juice in a furry,rubbery segment is a waste.So,because work was a bit thin on the ground yesterday,I spent about 10 minutes squeezing every drop out of them.And was left with...

half a mouthful.Hmph.Then again,most of it did go over my jumper and all over my lovely European Commission desktop planner.

No more fruit to massacre today unfortunately,but I did get a whole load of lovely leaving presents from my colleagues,which I will show you tomorrow...

Saturday, 24 January 2009


There are many things that I hate.Cyclists,Melodifestivalen,people who use the words "duvet" and "sofa" (it's "quilt" and "settee" damn you!),Hackfleisch,German drivers,people who constantly need company of whatever kind,the student lifestyle,society social norms,the dog downstairs that wakes me up at 6am nearly every morning,superfluous apostrophes,Chris Martin,ice,people who laugh too loudly,my temperamental alarm clock,feeling like you're just not good enough,High School Musical,Chinese prunes,American TV (with 2 big exceptions),German TV production- especially on RTL.And that's just a few.

But none of that really matters when there's cool things like these to obsess over:

- Otto Waalkes.I saw some of his show Das Original in Hamburg the other week,and thought it was so funny I'd look for the rest.The rest was just as funny,which I wasn't really expecting from German stand-up to be honest.A lot of his jokes are language-based.There's a really funny thing he does called "English for runaways" which...I can't really explain.But it's funny.And he does all sorts of silly songs and does jokes about different regions of Germany.He's a northerner by the way,so we like him :)

- Comedy Street.Like a German Trigger Happy TV.Not as funny as Otto Waalkes,but still amusing.

- BBC live feed.I'm watching Casualty,Holby City...3 Men in a Boat! Just because I can :)

- Mark from Your Country Needs You- lovely.

- Polarkreis 18's album.German music is officially great.

- Two of a Kind by Espen Hana.Gorgeous song.Must win the MGP.It won't win the MGP...

- The Danish National Final.It's next week and will be completely fabulous.My second biggest ambition is to sing at Eurovision,and if I ever do,I want the song to be this

OK,so that can't happen.But it's a perfect song in every way.I don't even want to think about how many times I've listened to it,but when I first heard it,it was like discovering Vroče all over again.I love the "it's a ballad,haha fooled you" thing,I love the lyrics- they are PERFECT ESC lyrics,especially the middle 8.You have this little section in which to shove a phrase that you want to emphasise dramatically and "we've been lost we've been apart,you live forever in my heart" is so the obvious choice.It's completely unprofound and the rhyme screams Eurovision.Oh,and I adore the key change too.I was so excited about it I sent it to my former boyfriend during a big chat about European debt the other night.Predictably he didn't like it,and said that it sounds like something from High School Musical and that anyway tomorrows are always meant to be,because that's nature.But whatever,I still love it :)

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Wherever you are in the world,Facebook puts geographically relevant adverts on your profile.Earlier I had one exclaiming "WE NEED MORE GERMANS!!!" Not sure what for,but whatever.Tonight,I've been told to study in Denmark- more precisely "Exciting M.Sc.-programmes in a challenging and professional environment. Meet the world in Esbjerg at University of Southern Denmark." Mmm.I've been to Esbjerg,exciting isn't what I'd call it.But I thought I'd check out the website.

Esbjerg is a versatile town with a lot of exciting opportunities: Its strikingly beautiful nature, the active harbour, a vibrant business life and a rich cultural life with lots of young people.


There's also a facts section:

Did you know that...

...Esbjerg has been voted Danish city of the year twice?

Well,that's probably on account of its exciting features like mushrooms...

and a big orange crab in a (deserted) playground...

...the Danes are the happiest people in the world, according to a survey from University of Leicester?

Haha! Ahem...

I'm not really slagging off Esbjerg.Well,no,I am.I do like Denmark,it's similar and different to the UK in equal measure,so I think I'd feel quite comfortable living there.But still,those marketing people have done quite a job!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Everything you say,you say it to annoy me

I've had a few odd songs pop into my head today- Dizzee Rascal,50 Cent...But then there's Everything You Say by The Rasmus,which is one of my favourite songs of theirs.It's been going round my head for a while actually,despite it being a B-side of First Day of My Life or something meaning I never remembered to put it on itunes.Anyway,whatever,it's a great song.So catchy.If RH wasn't here,I'd be giving it large by now :)

PS- Isn't Aki lovely....

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Why is it...

...that you always see fit people when you look a mess yourself?

About 15 minutes ago I decided I really fancied a Mars Bar.Being a Sunday evening in Mainland Europe and everything,you'd think my chance passed 24 hours ago.But thankfully I live no more than 10 seconds away from a petrol station,so off I slobbed with my posh Italian coat and dirty hair and old unfashionable glasses and ripped tracksuit bottoms that I've been wearing every day for the last 3 weeks.Of course the guy working there was the most beautiful man I've seen for a long time.Must make more nocturnal trips there in the time I have left here :) And dress a bit nicer too :)

Friday, 16 January 2009


I'm off to Hamburg til tomorrow.Will possibly write about it on Sunday.Bye for now.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Jonatan,Jonatan tout le temps

I'd probably go as far as saying that Je Voulais te Dire que Je t'Attends is my favourite love song ever.The lyrics are brilliant,and...well yeah,they just are.If my life in Paris isn't exactly like this,I'll come home disappointed.

Then again I don't plan on jumping around in underwear,sitting on a big teddy or projecting massive pictures of African kids on my walls.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Oh God

Look what I found in Kiel's one and only CD shop today...

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Wieder da (part 2)

Doesn't Kiel look pretty these days?

The whole of the lake (Kleiner Kiel) was frozen over today,confusing the swans and geese quite a bit.They were being very vocal.

Anyway.Last time I told you about my illness and my presents.All that's left to really mention is mine and Keira's little trip to Surrey the day before New Year's Eve.Look,here's me on a swing in the spanking new park behind our old house...

Last time I was in Guildford,I was the happiest I've ever been.I had a house,a radio show and a boyfriend.Now I have none of those things,and,despite still being pretty happy,going back to G-Town made me realise how much I miss them.

Having not seen Keira for 5 whole months,we did quite a bit of talking :) And out of tradition,we got on the 27 and went to visit our old house.Well,look around the outside of it anyway.We were interested to see that they have a new front door despite there being nothing wrong with the old one (doorbell still doesn't work though),a new fence panel in place of the gate (we'd complained about the fence many times) and no more toilet in the garden.Oh,and there's new curtains in the front room.It's all changed.We loved that house- for me personally,a few erm,important life events happened there- but even if we were really lucky and could move back there next year,it just wouldn't be the same :(

After that we went to the new playground and missed 2 buses because we were busy on the swings.Then we went back to town,to Shakes (another tradition)- Fry's Orange Cream for me,Banoffee Pie for Keira- had a squizz at Ordning and Reda,discovered Guildford Whittards isn't closing down,had dinner at Spoons (where else?),then went to Fahrenheit for cocktails.Was a bloody good day.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Wieder da! (Part 1)

I'm back in Deutschland,and,tired as I might be,I've been catching up on all the latest in the blogging world and couldn't resist posting :) Well,it's been a long time :)

My Christmas was OK thank you very much.Well,sort of.Despite being plagued by various illnesses for nearly the whole 2 weeks that is.I had a monster sore throat/earache on Christmas Eve,Christmas Day and Boxing Day which hurt so much it actually kept waking me up in the middle of the night.This turned into a minor cold,which wasn't that bad at all but I did have a bit of a cough which really annoyed me,because well,I hate coughing.And then at 3am on New Years' Day I woke to start a fit of erm "kotzen" (sounds much prettier than the English word) that lasted the rest of the night.This,combined with general stomach upset has only just gone away really.I didn't feel good this morning,but have since eaten a whole sandwich and Uncle Ben's rice,so must be feeling a bit better.

Oh!And I must share this touching exchange between me and RH this evening whilst cooking said Uncle Ben's rice:

RH- Hello (looking like she was bearing bad news as always)
Me- Hello (smiling.Yes,smiling)
RH- (goes into her room and shuts the door)

She's so missed me.I bet even the guy in the kebab shop opposite will be more enthusiastic.Then again,I do eat so much of his food I sometimes feel like it's me keeping him in business.

Anyway.Christmas.Well.I acquired my amazing CD player,much like Europe Crazy's,with ipod dock and everything.This is a godsend for someone whose itunes is full of Russian music from erm,"various sources" hardly any of which are actual CDs.And to be able to charge it without firing up the computer (my laptop's getting just as tired as the home computer judging by the sounds it's making),well,that's just luxury.Speaking of ipods,I have a new purple one,which I nearly forgot about until this evening because I couldn't use it at home.But it's all working now,and it's super :) I just wish I could work out how to put videos on it.

I have a new phone too,which is very overdue,seeing as the ring function on my old one hadn't worked for a good 4 months.A pretty important feature of a phone in my opinion :) And now I have a nice new pink one that's all up-to-date with bluetooth (!),an mp3 player that I can fit a whole 3 songs on and pictures that I can upload.Wow.So here are a few...



My very pretty little heart thing all the way from Belarus (Minsk no less!) via Canterbury.They had a bit of a Christmas market there where not only did they have a stall selling things from this convent in Minsk,but also Glühwein (I hate the stuff,but was excited to see it all the same),German style chocolate/biscuit/iced hearts and most excitingly,a hot dog stand with real Bratwurst! My conversation with the guy upon hearing he had a bit of an accent:

Me- Ein Bratwurst bitte
Him- Three fifty,oh,erm, drei und fünfzig
Me- (in German) Where are you from?
Him- Kiel

I was so excited you wouldn't believe it.So much that all I could say after that was- "cool,erm,I live there too!" He didn't really care :)

Anyway,more festive stuff tomorrow,I'm tired now :)