Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Websites I like that I haven't mentioned before

They're good,go and look at them.

In an unrelated note- I've also become quite a fan of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue on Radio 4.I've kept away from Radio 4 comedy up until recently,thinking I really should set myself some limits when it comes to entertainment.But actually it's very funny- I spent dinnertime this evening chuckling over my noodles whilst listening to the Letters round.Down the Line is a great series too,but that's not on anymore.

Monday, 29 June 2009

In other news

My second day in my new office and it's still lonely and dark and boring.I was on my own most of the time in my old office,but my buddy was nextdoor then,and we used to wave to eachother through the little glass panel on the adjoining wall,and make "shall we go for coffee?" type gestures at around 11 and 3 o clock.That's tragic,I can't believe I just admitted that...Ha! Anyway,he's really loud too,which used to annoy me,but now I'm in my oversized,silent office,I kind of miss it.And then of course there's RP...Every department in every business should have an RP.

Got told off today (sort of) and made to feel very bad for not going in last Thursday when I got back from the UK.Yes,I could have phoned,but lacking a phone number and any battery power at all- this was a problem.And anyway I thought talking to one person (ie- your boss) about what was going on was enough.But no,it turns out I have to tell everyone of my plans.Hmph.I'm past caring now anyway.I go home next week after all.

On the plus side,I worked on my dissertation plan today,and I think it's going somewhere now.I wrote the introduction (approved by Keira) and I have quite a good list of sources.So that's good.And I have a 7 page translation to do,which could well be my last proper job here seeing as technical translations take me forever.

11 days seems like an eternity though.I even found myself counting down the hours this morning.278 to go...


So I signed out of MSN about 3 hours ago so I could read a bit and do some washing etc etc.I did read a bit but then I fell asleep and have only just woken up.That's not like me.And I had a dream where first I was staying at some relative's place that was haunted and got messages from another world come through their printer,then I was back in France witnessing people get beaten up by the police in my foyer whilst the neighbours watched from the balcony (a logistical impossibility),and when I tried to find out what was happening,I could only speak German.If anyone has any idea what any of that could possibly mean- please enlighten me.I'm thinking definitely lay off of cheese after 6pm :)

EDIT: So apparantly all these things combined basically mean that I'm feeling guilty about something that's happened in the past and I feel inadequate.Nice.Remind me not to go to sleep again.

Sunday, 28 June 2009


Not much going on here this weekend- it's still too hot to move.Well,Friday was Maria and Sophie's last day in Paris (sort of),so we went to the Forum des Halles (where else?) and then for cocktails and dinner afterwards.Oh,and Sophie brought us chocolate cake all the way from Boulogne-Billancourt.It was a fun evening- I'm almost surprised how well we've all got on,seeing as we've known eachother for 3 years and hardly spoken to eachother.But that's the nature of linguists.So now I'm on my own for the next 2 weeks.This was something I loved when I was in Germany but suddenly 12 days seems like forever now I'll have no company.It'll be especially strange at work,having no one to bitch with and go on 40 minute breaks with and getting no phonecall at 12.15 to tell me it's lunchtime.But never mind.I'll see them both again in 3 months time :)

Yesterday I had a failed shopping mission.It's Sales Month in France (legally,there are only 2 sales a year- though shops are being given extra days this year on account of the recession).I went to Carrousel du Louvre,Forum des Halles,St Michel...And still only bought one top that doesn't even fit very well.Hmph.

Today I attempted to go to the pictures at Forum des Halles.Somehow I felt like I wanted to see The Hangover- partly because I've read good reviews of it,but mostly because there's nothing else on.But as it's too hot for the metro,I got the bus,which dropped me off at "Chatelet",seemingly 25 miles away from FdH.So once I'd got there and buggered about with the ticket machines,it was too late anyway.In the end I just went to the park in front of St Eustache Church and did some writing.So not a completely wasted day.

Oh,and that mosquito the other night.Of all the ever increasing acres of flesh that it could have bit me on- it chose my little finger.I've never been bitten on the finger before- now it's all swollen and I can't move it very well.Lovely.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Medway's in the news!

So today was the first Armed Forces Day in the UK,with hundreds of different events going on up and down the country.I heard about it briefly last week when I was home,but it was only just now that I went on the BBC site and found out that the main centre/Host "City" of it all this year was Chatham.My hometown!Very exciting...

We do of course have one of the most (if not the most important) dockyards in the country- Navy ships were built there for over 400 years,including Nelson's HMS Victory used at the Battle of Trafalgar.It's also (allegedly) where the Union Jack was designed,and was the meeting place for King Christian IV of Denmark's visit in erm,1606.Oh,and if that isn't cool enough- Barack Obama's desk was made there too.

The dockyard was closed in 1984,causing massive unemployment all over Medway.A lot of people (probably rightly) say that that's also the reason for the town/city/whatever they call it these days being in the state that it is today.

So before you go writing the place off as some anonymous,generic,good for nothing South Eastern chav town- it may be a dump now,but it was once a pretty big deal.Mkay?

Friday, 26 June 2009

And now for the weather

Having another sticky heatwave thing here in Paris at the minute.It's nearly 11pm and it's still 21 degrees :/ Last night we had 2 thunderstorms,each going on for ages.The first one had the decency to occur well before I went to bed,but the second started about 1ish and went on for at least an hour.I've never heard thunder so loud,it was actually a bit scary.And my curtains are completely inadequate,so the lightning made me jump too.Having got up early yesterday to get the Eurostar,and my nap attempt thwarted by noisy workmen,this didn't please me.I ended up with ear plugs in and a scarf wrapped around my head to try and recreate normal sleeping conditions.

Now it's stuffy again and there's a mosquito buzzing around my head.I heard once that mosquitos are attracted especially to people with Mediterranean blood.I don't know whether that's true or not,but I certainly get my fair share of bites.This little bugger seems to really like me...

Anyway,speaking of weather,this made me laugh.Bless him.We had an incident a bit like that on SoE once,though we were so smooth,it's actually pretty hard to notice when you listen to it now.

I just swore at the mosquito.I think it's actually gone...

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I'm a bit of a statistics geek,as you probably know,from all my talk about Sitemeter and the likes.Well now I have a new computer,and don't really know how to transfer iTunes properly,I've had to transfer each song individually from my old computer,leaving behind my Top 25 Played List.So,here it is,recorded for posterity- whatever that means...

25: Bit' Mozhet- Dima and Georgiy Koldun (86 plays)
24: That's The Way My Heart Goes- Marie Serneholt (87)
24: Ya Tebya Pomnyu- Dima Bilan (87)
24: Everything- Anna Vissi (87)
21: Black and Blue- Charlotte Perrelli (91)
20: A Little Too Perfect- Aleksander With (92)
19: Je Voulais te Dire que Je t'Attends- Jonatan Cerrada (93)
18: Ya Ne Umru Bez Tvoi Lyubvi- Chelsi (96)
17: Tornerò- Mihai Traistariu (100)
17: Hero- Charlotte Perrelli (100)
15: My Mistake- Måns Zelmerlöw (102)
14: Plan B- Anžej Dežan (103)
13: Dai Mne Silu- Dima Koldun (108)
12: Krugavarot- Prohor Shalyapin (110)
11: How About- Aleksander With (118)
10: Samaya Lyubimaya- Chelsi (121)
9: Work Your Magic- Dima Koldun (127)
8: Bistra Voda- Regina (130)
7: Ty Dolzhna- Dima Bilan (136)
6: Do You Believe- Litesound (142)
5: Someday- Hera Bjork (171)
4: Ya Shagayu Po Moskve- Chelsi (175)
3: La Voix- Malena Ernman (224)
2: Cara Mia- Måns Zelmerlöw (249)

And what could possibly be number 1....?

Anžej of course!

Vroče (290)

And now to start all over again...

Thursday, 18 June 2009

It's OK....

The computer does actually live on.Apart from the Z key being more or less completely knackered and the noises coming out of it making it sound like it's done a marathon,it seems OK.Turns out it was just a problem with the connection I was on- one of my lovely neighbours gave me the code to their network and I have better signal strength than ever :) :) :) And there was me googling free wifi spots in Paris at work today.Speaking of which,I'm being kicked out of my office next week and getting my own :) :) :) I've never had my own office,I'm quite excited.Maybe the last 2 weeks here won't be so bad after all...


Doing this at work very quickly,just to say that my internet connection (or maybe it's just my computer) has completely given up on me now.It was OK for a while last night but then just decided it didn't want to connect to the internebs anymore and has continued in this frame of mind this morning.Normally when this happens,it's usually a service provider problem,but it's been happening a bit too frequently and too long now.So,no more blogging or anything for me til next month probably.By which time I will hopefully have a nice new laptop that behaves itself.

RIP Computer- you've been a pain in the arse for the last 6 months,but it's been good knowing you.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


So I've just spent a very nice evening in the company of my neighbours.For the last 4 years,they've had a party for everyone in the building in the courtyard (a long way) below my room.You know you live a long way up when you can't even see your window from the bottom of the building.It was good,there was food (all home made),lots of various wines and champagne,cheese...everything you'd expect from a French party.Apparantly it's not normal for Parisians to have such parties,but our people are a bit more sociable obviously.

Only 2 of us from upstairs though,myself and a very tall,very cute,rather enigmatic guy who I've seen on the way to the bathroom a few times.He has fluffy hair and studies medicine and seems very nice,although I was a bit embarassed to talk to him as I just know he's heard me singing and shouting at my computer probably on more than one occasion :/

Though everyone spoke English when they were talking to me (major novelty),two incidents in French made me laugh and reminded me just where I was.An old woman on the second floor opened her window and started complaning loudly that we were making too much noise.It was 8.30 at the time.Surprised she didn't get a gang of other old people together and come down waving flags and blowing whistles in protest.And then when we were discussing the cakes people had made,everyone extolled the virtues of the apple tart,but someone made a face at the mention of the chocolate cake and whispered "that's packet mix that is,it's not hand-made".Parisians,snobs?Jamais...

I've now got a massive plate of food that I won't be able to eat before I go home on Friday.Pizza,apple tart,the packet chocolate cake,fishy...things.Loads.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

It's not Picadilly or Piazza Navona

I've been packing.I remember the trauma of coming home from Germany,and I don't want it to happen again.So I'm taking as much stuff as I dare back with me at the weekend,and hoping that the rest will fit in my other case for next month.

It's just over 3 weeks til I leave France now (24 days since you're asking),which means now is the time I'm panicking a bit to get everything done that I want/need to.There are things I need to buy (preferably before this weekend),I still want to get to either Rouen,Luxembourg or Belgium,and I haven't even been to the Louvre yet.And I need to close my bank account.Seeing as it took 2 months to open it,I probably should have done this a while ago.

I feel like I've fit into the French/Parisian way of life quite easily.It's laid-back,it's showy,it's very Latin.But most of all it's family-orientated,which is the best thing.Being here,and in Germany,all of the problems with British society seem so much more amplified.People on the continent have respect for things and people.There are gangs of kids around,but they don't want to bother you,they don't even take any notice of you.And the smaller kids are well behaved too.People here seem to have kids because they want to,and they enjoy spending time with them,unlike at home where too many people seem to have kids because they feel they have to,even if it means dumping them in daycare for most of the day while they're out working.Then there's the political correctness and health and safety obsessions.It's just not like that here.And it's a better place for it.

So I can't say I'm all that excited about coming back to the UK.Sure there are things about Paris I don't like- the constant strikes,the food,line 13,my 152 steps,the rude people at work,the prices of everything.Oh and French telly is seriously the most boring in the world.But in general,I think it's a good place to live.I don't ever feel stressed here,there's always something to do,and it's pretty to look at too,which is always a plus.Basically then- Paris is a million times better than London.But I already knew that.

There are lots of things I'm looking forward to when I get back though:

- Radio 4
- Buying real newspapers and spending time reading them (this afternoon I sat in a cafe drinking Coke and reading the Guardian,and it was lovely)
- Having more time to write (I've also joined the Creative Writing Society at university,which could be interesting)
- Seeing Leanne after 3 years- she's one of the only people I know who hasn't changed since I first met her,which is just super
- Days spent round Shabana's house with Emma (and Ruby now too),watching Wedding TV (what can I say,it's addictive! And ridiculous too sometimes)
- Post-French lesson Chinese with the boys in Guildford
- Daytime telly watching and moaning a lot with James

and obviously getting up to the usual stuff (noise terrorism,in-depth musical discussions,cocktail making and general all-round good times) with my best buddy.We need to get back on the radio too- the old SoE episodes are getting boring now :)

So though there'll be lots of things and people that I'll miss here,as in Germany,I think (as usual),Teitur says it best:

eri komin fram á eina niðurstøðu her
tað er best at liva imillum onnur
ið vita hvar og hvør tú er

(I've arrived at a conclusion here
it's best to live among others
who know where and whom you are)

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

You are the star,oh yes you are

Currently feeling really really stressed about everything,for no real reason.I think it's because I've got quite a lot of things to do at the minute and for the next few weeks,some of which means relying on other people.Which I hate doing.At work I have a whole load of translation to "BS" my way through,as I probably should have done it a long time ago.I'm one of these people who hates asking for help.Then again,the only person who could have helped me hasn't been around for weeks,so it all works out I suppose.Then there's my dissertation plan.Now I'm not one for complaining about university work- it's what I signed up for.And my topic (to me at least) is very interesting indeed.But as the elections were only last week,there's loads of stuff to be read at the minute.I have a whole stack of newspapers,as well as books I've bought,and a USB stick full of EU publications.Of course it's all in French too,which isn't a problem,it just means it'll take longer to read.Time which I don't have seeing as this plan is meant to be ready by the end of the sodding month!Oh,and speaking of the EU- people often complain about it because of all the bureaucracy and lack of transparency.These people have obviously never dealt with the Student Finance people.Nuff said.

So I need something to calm me down.Something Faroese and melodic maybe?Oh,what about Teitur?

I'm currently in the process of writing a novel-type...thing.Which sounds very grandiose,but it sure isn't.In fact,I'm nearly always writing something,so I really like this song.It always makes me smile at the bit where he says "in your great book,I am the crook,you've given me a gun and black glasses on".It's often therapeutic basing characters (especially the bad ones) on people who've wronged you in the past,and no matter how you disguise them,it's always obvious.No such problems in my latest pile of mince though- everyone in it is purely fictional :)

Monday, 8 June 2009


Maybe it's because I'm not interested in whatever crap American telly series is the cool thing to watch,or that I extract no fun whatsoever from clubbing (Eurovision parties excepted),or that I've just never once felt the need to smoke pot to "fit in and be social",or that I completely abhor wanky student-language like "it was a well messy night"/"I've been procrastinating all day"/"I've had a really productive day" or whatever other ridiculous phrases they come out with to try and sound clever and popular.But I really don't get on with people of my age.Admittedly I do feel about 56 a lot of the time- sometimes I wonder why the hell I enjoy listening to the Shipping Forecast and why in first year of university I enjoyed nothing more than going round James' when my lectures had finished,to watch Countdown (I always got the breaktime anagrams right) and Richard&Judy,accompanied by shortcake and Digestives.

But this phenomenon is Europe-wide it seems.Well,there was one girl who liked me in Germany (for a while at least),but that was it.My colleagues all liked me but they were older.Same here- apart from Maria and Sophie,who I already knew,the closest I have to a friend is a 30-something engineer who's married and has a young kid.I learned today that the lovely people myself and Maria usually have lunch with,have actually been slagging me off the whole time.Though apparantly this is because I don't talk to them.Which is true- they never acknowledge my presence and I don't understand a word they say anyway (maybe they're using wanky French student-language?).But hey ho,that's how I am- I prefer older people,and I'm happy with that.So with the slightest chance that this lovely girl may be reading this- here's a nice French phrase that I certainly do understand,especially as it was made famous by our great leader over here: casse-toi,pauvre con :)

Raquelita: Political commentator

I got to sleep at just gone 3am this morning.Having found a live stream from BBC2 on the BBC News site,I just had to watch the results.They didn't actually give it much airtime at all over here yesterday evening,though it is all over every single newspaper this morning.The UMP won,of course with 28ish%,but the big news from France is the triumph of the Greens,who came practically joint second with the Parti Socialiste (the main opposition) with 16% each.

Anyway,back at the BBC,I tuned in just in time for the Eastern results,which weren't all that exciting.Then there was a lot of BNP bashing after they won their first seat in Yorkshire and the Humber.OK,so I know they aren't the choicest of parties,and no matter what the state of the country is,I really don't think voting for fascists will sort anything.And my God,have you seen them speak in public?Even if I was a right-wing xenophobe,the BNP seems so badly organised in terms of campaigns and public speaking,I think I'd rather try and start my own party.To me it just shows that their opinions and policies are based more on emotion than they are rational thinking.But anyway- racists or not,somehow I just don't think reporters/presenters making snide comments and saying things like "the people who voted for them don't really know what they stand for" is the way forward here.Isn't the point of a democracy to let everyone have their say?Of course there'll always be some nutters who'll vote for them,and they are the very people who make me happy to not be living in the UK.But let's face it,they're not really going to get into power any time soon are they? Maybe I'm just being a woolly liberal here.In fact I have no particular political viewpoint.If I could have,I would have voted LibDem,but only because they're the only major pro-EU party around.Apart from that,everyone is essentially the same to me.

I'm being a bit hypocritical here by giving the BNP airtime so to speak,but just another point about them which is quite interesting- "the extreme-right" is on the rise all over Europe it seems.Anti-immigration parties in Holland,Austria and Italy all did well,and,in this "financial crisis",it isn't surprising.Everyone wants someone to blame,so immigrants are the obvious choice.Come the next European elections when the world economy should be in a better place,and they'll all be forgotten about.There are other Europe-wide trends too: low turnout (around 40% here I think,though in Belgium and Luxembourg it was between 85 and 90%),conservative parties doing well,socialists not so well...(the PS here in France only getting 16% is probably just as embarassing for them as Labour's defeat is),Greens getting more seats...Which makes me wonder- are us Europeans so different from eachother as we (especially in the UK) like to think?

Well done to my region (South East) for somehow screwing up the computer systems (and ballot papers allegedly) meaning I had to stay up longer than I should have to wait for the results.In the South East we are of course,lucky enough to have Daniel Hannan as one of our MEPs.This is what he had to say this morning...

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Best Tweet ever

So I joined Twitter a while ago- look,here I am- and thankfully,it's not quite as addictive as I thought it might be.Probably because there are only 2 people on there who I actually know.I mostly use it to keep up to date with bands,websites,European news blah blah blah.Oh,and I also found out from David Mitchell that they're filming the 6th series of Peep Show next month.About time too.But anyway,this best tweet ever is from my current cultural hero Charlie Brooker (I can't believe I've never mentioned him on here before...):

charltonbrooker: Haven't seen it yet, but I hope this is the title music for the new Terminator movie: http://bit.ly/XYisL

I haven't laughed that much in quite a while :)

The votes are in (?)

So the polling stations closed an hour ago (in Paris at least,not sure about the rest of Europe),and I'm waiting excitedly for some results.The Communists were on TF2 just now (well,the opposition anyway- but they're still Left,everyone's Left here these days),and there's now some men in suits having a discussion.But although the sound on my telly is fine,the picture is shocking and it keeps moving around.Oh,it's just stayed still long enough to show a graph saying the UMP (current government) are likely to get the most votes.Well that's boring,might as well stop watching now.Oh dear,now the general secretary of the UMP is giving an Oscar type "I'd like to thank..." speech and everyone's chanting like football fans.Definitely time to stop watching.

Edit- Now I think about it,I remember one time last year when there were some local by-elections or something going on (not even anywhere near Surrey if I remember rightly),my boyfriend at the time wanted to stay up and watch the results.And I thought that was tragic.Yet I was looking at the Radio Times online the other day and suddenly got really miffed that I wasn't in the UK for BBC2s 3-hour coverage of the EP elections tonight.How times change...

Saturday, 6 June 2009

What did I say about today?

Didn't I say it was going to be rubbish after yesterday? Well,it's been raining all morning,it's dark and dingy and I haven't left the flat yet.But I'm just about to go and try out the French hospital system,which may be interesting.Not for me thankfully,I'm just going with someone,but it'll probably be annoyingly efficient compared to ours.Anyway,bye bye for now.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Miscellaneous post #4 Part 2

And if all that wasn't good enough,I've just got an update from Regina on facebook saying that they've got a new album out.*Big smiles all round* Tomorrow's going to be rubbish to balance out all this good stuff isn't it?

Miscellaneous post #4

OK,so ignore the clashing quilt cover...

That's my beautiful new Longchamp bag,of which I am very proud :) It's the most expensive bag I've ever bought (twice as expensive as the previous record-holder in fact),but it doesn't look it.Which is good,because it means I won't be scared of taking it out.Longchamp bags are a staple here in Paris- everyone has them,whether that be in this form (le Pliage),tiny backpacks,massive holdalls,or the manly,kind of floppy alternative to the briefcase.So I had to have one.I don't to be mistaken for a tourist now,do I? :) Anyway,it's lovely and perfect and will go very well with my new(ish) hair and Regina coat.

I bought it in Printemps at St Lazare.Printemps is a bizarre experience for someone who comes from the poorer part of the South East.It's essentially a department store,so should be like Debenhams really (we're not even posh enough to have a House of Fraser or John Lewis in Medway).But I went in on the floor where there's all kinds of designer make-up.Fine,I can deal with that.Downstairs there's posh homeware- cool,I've seen posh stuff in Denmark- even bought some.But then on the floor below that,you're suddenly confronted with Cartier jewellery,Tiffany things and even De Beers diamonds!Talk about feeling out of place...But what I've noticed here that's quite nice is that shop assistants in these kinds of places are not completely snobby like they are at home.So the whole thing is rather enjoyable really.What I love about Paris is that it's all about showing off,and I'm quite good at that.So it was pretty cool looking around at all these things and imagining what I'd buy if I could.Pink Cartier watch anyone?

It's been a really nice day today actually.After running around getting breakfast and scoffing it down and pretending to start on my proofreading/translation,my French teacher from home arrived,and we had a big talk about politics and my dissertation.Seems I'm dumping Germany now and we've come up with a rather kick-arse idea of me writing about the Lisbon Treaty,the French EU Council Presidency and the European Elections all in one essay.If you're as sad as I am,this is like a dream come true :) Means I actually get to read the Lisbon Treaty for a real reason and not just because I want to :)

Anyway.He said my French has got better since he was last here (not quite sure I believe that,as he was only here about 6 weeks ago),and that my ideas are very interesting.I love getting visits :) Oh,and then my boss said that it's quite OK for me to start working on it now.So basically,I don't need to feel guilty about not doing much work anymore AND I'm getting paid for researching something I find really interesting.Bingo!

Then one of my old colleagues came into the office today,which was cool- haven't seen him for ages.And I discovered a load of new Popos who I've never seen before.Bit too young for my liking,but still pretty to look at :)

It's not all happy happy though.My office buddy is going away tomorrow and I'm not sure if he'll be back before I leave.We were meant to be going shopping after work,but,despite being a man in his 30s,he does like to stand around and chat a lot,so I got bored with waiting and went to do some work for someone else quickly.And by the time I'd finished,he'd gone without me.So that's a bit pants- I'll have to start talking to other people now!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Rubans noir

Currently trying to watch France v Nigeria on TF1.Though the Nigerian players seem rather excitable and keep shouting "kick the ball!" (which one of the commentators just copied,amusingly),it doesn't seem very exciting.France are losing by the way.0-1.I just got a bit confused because the French have their names written in a series of dots on their shirts.Now I think about it,there was something to do with Les Bleus and Braille in the metro papers this morning.I assume that's it.They're also wearing black armbands,but we all know what that's for.

It's been a weird day.The AF447 thing is undoubtedly tragic,in fact I can't think of anything worse.And of course it's a talking point here.I know it's all a bit of a mystery at the minute,and it's unlikely anyone will find out what really happened,but still,I've found that people here seem a bit more interested in talking about what could have caused it (no matter how silly the theory might be),and then adding "it's terrible..." as an afterthought.Maybe I'm just used to the sensationalism of everything that's ever reported in the UK,I don't know.I wonder if at home all they're interested in is the British people involved.That's often the case.Actually even here I heard someone say today "thank God they weren't all French".I don't get it- it's like all the stories appearing yesterday with the emphasis on the fact that there were kids on board.And there was me thinking it would have been just as bad if they'd all been French,all been kids,all been Flemish-speaking Belgians,stockbrokers,Catholic priests,whatever.

Monday, 1 June 2009

A song for someone who needs somewhere to long for

It's always nice to come across something you haven't listened to for ages,and be reminded of how wonderful it is.I've been listening to a lot of Kings of Convenience tonight (part of my plan to get back into Norwegian music),and I found this song from Riot on an Empty Street.

Listening to Erlend and Eirik's voices is always a treat for the ears,and I find their music (as well as Teitur's) always chills me out.But if you don't listen to this song,at least read the lyrics,it makes so much sense.As do all of their other songs.

I lose some sales and my boss won't be happy
But I can't stop listening to the sound
Of two soft voices rendered in perfection
From the reels of this record that I found
Every day there's a boy in the mirror
Asking me what are you doing here
Finding all my previous motives
Growing increasingly unclear

I've travelled far and I've burned all the bridges
I believed as soon as I hit land
All the other options held before me
Will wither in the light of my plan
So I lose some sales and my boss won't be happy
But there's only one thing on my mind
Searching boxes underneath the counter
On a chance that on a tape I'd find
A song for
Someone who needs somewhere
To long for

Cause I no longer know
Where home is