Thursday, 29 October 2009

Positive spin

It's half past midnight and I've been sitting here in a public computer room working for nearly an hour.There are two other people here,who I don't know but who are making me feel slightly comforted that I'm not the only one.You see,Wednesdays are Union nights here,meaning the bass from the club which is about 50 metres from our house makes my light fitting vibrate and rattle,and generally keeps me up from 10pm til 3am.I cannot sleep through this.Anyone who can sleep through this is abnormal and wrong in the head and probably not human.This happens at least 3 times a week now,and combined with the fact that the people who live in the house nextdoor are inconsiderate arseholes who love to screech their inane conversations at high volume,means I'm really not getting much sleep at all,and consequently am in a bad mood most of the time,have chronically aching muscles,and look like death.


I have a lot of work to do.I'm not complaining about this,as that's what you should expect from university.If you are at university and don't like it,you should probably leave and go back home to mummy and daddy who will do everything for you.So I thought I'd take advantage of these no-sleep nights,and use them to do my work.It's been quite successful so far,I managed to write a whole story about Teitur this evening.About when I went to see him in Denmark that is.We're doing a course in German Presenting Skills,and we have to tell stories in an interesting way tomorrow afternoon.

I'm managing the work-life balance thing quite well this year too I think.I was pretty much a recluse in first year,and a lot of second year too.So I want to make the most of this year and actually do things.I went to Pizza Express with James this evening,which was lovely,even if I am spending far too much money on food these days.Seems we've pretty much decided on going here for my birthday next Wednesday,though I haven't really invited anyone yet as it's all come around pretty fast,so it will be interesting to see who comes :/

Had a nice chat with some people on my course earlier.It seems odd how nobody in our department really spoke to eachother for the first two years,so I hope we haven't left it too late to actually become good friends.Either way,I'm glad they're around.The next 8 months would be a bit lonely otherwise.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Miscellaneous post #6

Quick blog time.

Been stupidly busy ever since I've been here,despite having a 4 day weekend,there's still just not enough time to fit everything in.Work+gym+shopping+washing+Sounds of Europe+socialising=too much.But it's all good fun.Actually last week was terrible for many reasons,but now I'm busy again,I'm forgetting about it.Have already lost nearly 2lbs at the gym,though I think I might have put quite a lot of that back on this evening thanks to the lovely big salami I bought on Friday.Ah well,gym again tomorrow probably.I love the reclining bikes,managed nearly 12km on that today,but will never manage more than 2 on the treadmill...

Been working on my German essay this evening- the most enjoyable essay I'll ever have written as it's all about Flensburg :) Even started a bit on my dissertation tonight too.Should really be making the most of the very rare quiet time you get here for sleeping,but this is the first time since I've been here that I've been motivated to do some work.

Anyway,listen to Sounds of Europe tomorrow,I think it'll be an interesting show this week.We've got all the normal stuff,but also the results of my recent foray into the Uzbek,Armenian and Azeri pop scenes.I'm looking forward to it anyway :)

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Flying Doctors

All going nicely in G-Town so far- have very nice housemates,though I do only see one of them most of the time.Seem to have anti Norwegian walls which keep repelling my Norway flag every time I stick it to them.Met a nice German man yesterday and a nice Russian one too- turns out I can still understand Russian after all,which is a nice feeling.Been very busy in general,but if all goes according to plan (I really hope all goes according to plan),I'll be off to London tomorrow night to see Teitur.But for now,bed.The bass has stopped,I should make the most of it :)

Update- it hasn't all gone according to plan- booooooo :( But he has just released an interesting UK album which is a hybrid of all the others,so hopefully there'll be more shows soonish.As for tonight,I'll just have to watch Eastenders and enjoy it I suppose :)