Saturday, 28 November 2009

Never give up on someone who you can't go a day without thinking about

I wonder what the time limit on that really is though? When does thinking about someone every day turn into "you're a weirdo" territory?

I'm having trouble typing this at the minute.I just sustained a cut to the index finger whilst carrying out that hazardous activity of eating an apple.It's OK,I didn't actually bite myself,I'm paranoid about breaking my teeth so I have to eat apples with a knife.It slipped.Ouch.

Bit disappointed (but not surprised) to discover that the pound I'd lost in the last few days is back on now :( Me and Sophie went to Maria's house last night to celebrate the end of the crappiest fortnight in history in terms of work.And we ate a lot of pizza and Pringles and Aero and pancakes with Nutella.I haven't eaten Nutella since I lived in France,so I hope this isn't the reawakening of the obsession.

Generally doing quite well on the weight loss front though.Lost over half a stone now,all in about 6 weeks too,which is nice.And I'm not following any mad diet as well.I don't believe in depriving yourself of things you like,so this has all been done through 40 minute (very relaxed) sessions at the gym 3 times a week.Sometimes 5.My jeans are actually getting too big for me now,which is nice,but does mean I look like a tramp.Oh well.

Started Christmas shopping today.Well I bought James's present at least.And he knows what it is,so that's not very exciting.I can't believe it's nearly December already,though I'm happy it is.This year has been rubbish really.After the best year of my life in 2007-8,this has been the complete opposite.2009 literally started terribly- with me throwing up in the bathroom as of 3am on New Years' Day.Prawns I think were the culprits.Then I left Germany and went to France for 5 of the most boring months of my life.Sometime around then (probably the end of last year actually),my relationship (in the non-romantic sense of the word) with someone I cared about a lot ended for no real reason.I hate to talk about it for the simple reason that I don't think other people would understand at all,but right or wrong,it's something I think about a lot.

Coming back to Guildford has been nice,but I can feel my relationships with other people breaking down every day.Some of my best friends too,which is a bit rubbish.I guess it's natural,but still.Why do good things have to change?I'm looking forward to leaving university,but if I could relive second year all over again,that would be completely fabulous.

Then there's the work overload situation and the fact that the (seemingly) constant noise from other people/the union means I sleep even less than is normal for me.Next week I'm seeing the doctor,but I'm really not convinced that Valium is going to help the matter.I've been on it twice before (once when I was a baby,that shows how abnormal I am),but I remember its effectiveness being quite limited on me when I was 9,so God knows what it'll be like now.I feel like I shouldn't have to resort to medication but I have to do something.I've spoken to one of my teachers too,who said she'll try and help me.

On the good side though,I have made some good friends this year- friends who will probably be staying around the Guildford area after next year,which will be cool.I decided a while ago that I don't want to go back to Kent for any length of time,I want to move here permanently as soon as possible.Whether this will be to do a European Politics Masters or working somewhere,I don't know.Actually I'm going to apply for a Masters at Flensburg University too,but whether I could live abroad again for 2 years seems a bit questionable at the minute.

Speaking of Flensburg,I'm going back at Easter :) Easyjet are my heroes at the moment- they're starting flights from Gatwick (my local airport) to Hamburg as of February,which will be super.I'm going back to Kiel with my mum and will hopefully get the chance to go on my favourite train journey in the world to freezing cold Flensburg.I've never seen it in Spring,but I bet it's lovely :)

Friday, 13 November 2009

Das weiße Band

Tonight I'm going to the British Film Institute with James to watch the new film Das weiße Band (The White Ribbon).It's set in a north German village,and some scenes were filmed in Lübeck- the rest is shot around Berlin,which isn't Northern Germany to me,but whatever.I'm not sure of the plot exactly,but they've just been talking about it on Radio 4,and apparantly it's "radical" and "unnerving" and is about "creepy kids".Which sounds promising :)

Oh,I also went to Marks and Spencer's Penny Bazaar this morning.We didn't have all that much selection at our store,but I bought a money tin,tea towel,notebook,socks and a mug.All for 5p :) I think all shops should do something like this.

Monday, 9 November 2009

My life is complete... I have one of these

I've been a bit envious of James's DAB alarm clock since I saw it 6 weeks ago,so was excited to discover that Tesco sells them pretty cheaply.I love it so much,now I can listen to Radio 4 all night without thinking about batteries :) I'm listening to it now- they just mentioned Schleswig-Holstein on the General Knowledge quiz :)

Friday, 6 November 2009

Big up the Medway posse!

I wondered why loads of my friends from Kent had joined the "Medway Posse" group on Facebook.I missed TV Burp on Saturday you see...

Wikipedia tells us that he's actually from Woking.Which is just as...full of charm as Medway :)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Felice Compleanno

Despite having to get up early to revise for my Russian test yesterday morning- my birthday was really rather fab.I got a very nice bag and matching purse from my mummy,and a (as yet) unnamed teddy bear from Dima and Marko.And Paperchase goodies from James.And my notice board is now full of very nice cards,most of which are rather glitzy.

We couldn't get a table at Jamie's Italian as was the plan,so we went to Da Gennaro's instead,which I think I would have preferred anyway- it's very quiet,and the people who run it are from Caserta,which is quite near Ischia.We had very nice wine and pasta,followed by a surprise cake that Maria and Sophie had made for me that day...

James had bought me a nice chocolate one from Marks and Spencers too,but that one's a bit too far gone to take a picture of now.

After dinner,we went to Flares,the seventies club which is pretty much the only evening establishment in Guildford I'll ever go to.Keira bought me this...

Well not just me,obviously,everyone had some.It's a Blue Lagoon,and it was yummy.

Then we did some more pictures...

Yes,it's your favourite Europop DJs! And yes,I wore my coat in a nightclub.

Oh,and here's me under a glitterball...

The dancefloor is all cool and changes colour,and what with the glitterballs and the smoke machine,I felt a bit like a Eurovision star :) Ahem...

Tonight in comparison has been really boring.Though we did go to watch the Stoke Park fireworks.Not in Stoke Park,that would be silly to walk all the way there in the rain.Luckily we're about 100 metres away from the top of a hill where we could see everything probably better than the people who were actually there.No pictures though,as my camera is rubbish in the dark.