Friday, 31 December 2010

Good riddance

Unlike good old Kim Frank from Echt,my time didn't come in 2010 and it doesn't look like it's going to now.

It hasn't all been bad.I had an absolutely wonderful trip to Germany at Easter,saw my musical hero a few weeks previous and enjoyed the best Eurovision since 2003.And I graduated of course.

But since I've been back here everything's all kind of gone pear-shaped.I spent 4 very long months of being unemployed before getting a job I hate (though by Christ am I grateful for the money...),I've been told I've got hypertension and am waiting for my blood tests and the likes so I can find out why,and I've just spent Christmas in bed with a weird cold virus thing I caught from somebody at work.On top of this,my lovely mental demons have come back meaning that I seem to have become even more bitter and twisted than usual,get practically no enjoyment out of anything anymore and resent many people for many things.An ex-friend of mine who left this shitheap called Medway to do something with his life said to me once that life is what you make of it.Maybe but I believe you do need a certain amount of luck to make it anything worthwhile at all.And some people I know really do seem to have it in spades.So it's been a pretty "dark" last few months I suppose you could say.The last time I felt anything at all like this was 7 years ago during sixth form,which is definitely a time I'd like to forget.

Other people I know rely on clichés that seem to be quoted from self-help books that they plaster all over Facebook when they're a bit sad,others are (inexplicably to me) only properly happy when they're in a relationship.But I'm doing things like I did in 2005.I'm going to stay in this shit job tidying up after chavs until I have enough money to bugger off for a while.Last time it was Oslo- this time I need somewhere a bit more unique.I'm planning a trip for July to go to the Faroes,then on to Iceland and then down to Paris.Only for a few weeks but I'm hoping I'll feel the effects for a few months at least.

Other than that,we've put our house up for sale and will hopefully be moving somewhere a lot better than this sometime soon.And I'm going to Wales to see James again in a few weeks.I can't believe it's been 6 months since we last saw eachother.Then of course in May,my second biggest ambition will be achieved when I go to Düsseldorf with Keira to watch the Jury Final.Which means that next year automatically becomes at least 56 times better than this one,doesn't it?

This is the best song I've heard all year.Like Adel Tawil,Xavier Naidoo has one of those voices that makes everything he sings sound like a lullaby- even if this one is an occasionally sweary lullaby.I still don't understand the inclusion of a couple of lines of English in it,but they summarise the song perfectly if you don't speak German.

Happy New Year.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I never scored the winning goal for my home team*

Back in March,me and Keira went to see Teitur in London,where he sang quite a few songs from his now released fifth album Let the Dog Drive Home (at least it's been released in Scandinavia anyway).One of my favourite songs from that night was Freight Train,for which there's a proper (slightly bizarre) video,which distracts a bit from the lovely lyrics.Anyway,here it is.

*Someone had better score for Teitur's home team tonight.Yesterday I did a bet in the bookies for the first time ever on Scotland to beat the Faroes 2-1.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Crochet worms

Last week I took up crocheting.I'm a big fan of doilies and wanted to make some of them for my room,but it turns out that's way too hard for someone as slow as me.So all I've managed to make so far (by accident) is this wormy thing.

I sewed eyes on him this evening but I'm thinking of crocheting a few legs on to make him into a proteus.I bet no one else in the world has a crocheted proteus :)

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Herzlichen Glückwünsch

Emma bought me those,as well as a card that screams some weird personalised birthday song at me.

Shabs got me a pretty fabulous bag from Wallis which is rather posh- it's just the right size for my Filofax and purse.I got ear muffs and a cuddly zebra from Dima (I've already got zebras called Deborah and Sakis,so I need to think of a name for this one),and fingerless gloves/mittens from Marco.Yes my pets buy me presents.And I just got home from Maidstone to find Keira's present waiting for me- it's a hematite necklace which matches the jumper I'm wearing now and the boots my mum bought me,which is quite handy :)

I also got lots of cards and money which I don't know what to do with yet.I was tempted by some shoes in Deichmann in Maidstone today (Deichmann is the shop in Kiel where I bought these amazing trainers which have since disintegrated at the front),when I found out I can fit into a size 4,but decided it needs a bit of extra thought first.I did however buy some of the Christmassy themed pyjamas that Primark have in- they're blue and covered in polar bears and have sparkly buttons.Sounds garish,but they're nothing compared to Shabana's fleecy gingerbread man ones :)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Raquelita does ćevapčići

This morning I was listening to the iPod when this song came on...

...and it reminded me so much of Croatia and the Balkan,Balkan,Balkans that I had the urge to make ćevapčići for dinner.Ćevapčići are sausage/kebab things made of pork,beef and lamb and they're eaten all over the Balkans.Apart from pizza and chips with mayonnaise,it's the only thing I remember eating in Croatia both times I've been there,so they must have been nice.So I've been to Tulip in Chatham this morning (the best thing about Medway- it's the Eastern European supermarket that sells incredibly fresh vegetables and halal meat,nice sweets and scary looking Russian ready meals in tins with Cyrillic writing on),and I bought some flatbread and a massive jar of ajvar to go with them.

If it turns out rubbish I'm blaming Milan and his lovely summery music :)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Wow it's been a long time since I've been on here.I've got a definite preference for Twitter these days,being too lazy to write anything else.Either way there's not much to report,life is pretty boring back in Gillingham.I've been sitting in all day watching the Chilean miners on telly,and haven't failed to be a bit emotional about it like many other people.I think it was Bill Turnbull on Breakfast today who said "it's nice having some good news to report".True dat,as all the Kent chavs used to say in the 90s :)

The news coverage has well and truly distracted me from working today,so I've done about 45 minutes in total.I finally got a job as a German translator working for a Swiss company.It's only for 12 hours a week and the pay is pretty poor,but the experience is so valuable I had to say yes.It's approximately 598 times easier to get a job with a foreign company than it is over here.Foreign companies tend to trust you to be what you say you are instead of making you go through 4 rounds of interviews for a job which is essentially just jumped-up data entry.I'm still looking for something else to do as well as this,but there's no pressure now for it to be language-based,as I've already got that covered.It's come at the right time too,I've been having hypertension problems because of the stress of having no money and nothing to do,I feel a lot calmer now.

What else have I done...I spent a very enjoyable Saturday in Guildford with Keira and our ex-housemate.Lunch at da Gennaros is always something to look forward to,and after tomato soup and a massive pizza,I felt pleasantly plump for the rest of the day.I'm incredibly plump at the minute actually,but the less said about that the better.I guess that's an occupational hazard of working from home with just a fat,snoring cat and a whingy dog for company.But it's all outweighed (excuse the pun) by being able to work in your dressing gown whilst singing along to Ruben Cossani songs :)

And that's it really.Going to London with Keira to see Plans for Tomorrow, part of the BFI's international film festival, on Sunday,then seeing Maria and Sophie in Reading next Friday,and then the week after that it'll be my birthday.Which I'm not really excited about at all.Although I will be if I can manage to get tickets to see Gino d'Acampo at the Love Food festival in London :)

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Dienstag ist X-Tag!

As I said last time,I've really been getting into German X Factor,which started a few days before our own latest series.I've caught up with most of the episodes now,though I was too late for one of them- Vox Now is like iPlayer and only lets you watch things for a week,then you have to pay for them.Anyway,the audition stages are all over now,and these are some of my favourite contestants so far.

Jörg Müller-Lornsen was on yesterday's episode and he's a bit like a soulful Tom Dice.He sang a cover of Herbert Grönemeyer's Flugzeuge im Bauch,a breakup song with some rather nice lyrics.Grönemeyer really is an acquired taste,but Jörg put his own twist on the song and it was much nicer.Also,he's from Lübeck and lives in Kiel,which automatically makes him at least 50% better than everyone else :) (As you should expect from German telly,there's a lot of talking,and he doesn't start singing til 2 minutes in).He's through to bootcamp,and I hope to hear him sing in English at some point.That kind of singing voice doesn't always suit the German language I find.

Florian (from Hamburg) and Esther (from somewhere else) met on an aeroplane (Florian is a flight attendant apparantly).I don't think I've ever heard a woman sing Nessun Dorma before,but Esther is great,and when they sing together,it's actually amazing.I'm quite biased though,Nessun Dorma is my favourite opera song and it's never failed to make me cry :) They went through to bootcamp,but as the judges said,they might not get very far as opera singers in a pop competition.

On one of the shows last week,Alexander sang another Herbert Grönemeyer song called Halt Mich.He's adorable and he has a lovely voice.Rather attractive judge Till Brönner might just have the winner in his category.

Finally,I love Klaudia.Partly because she sung one of my favourite songs (Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy) and it wasn't perfect,partly because she plays guitar,but mostly because of her cool style and her attitude.At the start of the video she says "I don't have a boyfriend and I don't want one,I don't need to be validated by a man."I wish I'd have been that cool when I was 16.

As far as the judges go,I'm not that excited about George Glueck.I find him a bit boring.But he has worked with Ich+Ich and Falco,so he must be alright really.Til Brönner is easy on the eye and makes the odd funny comment,but Sarah Connor is my favourite,she seems a really nice person but tells the contestants like it is when necessary.As for presenter,actor Jochen Schropp,well,Google Image him,you won't regret it.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

My new favourite picture

Even though it makes me look like one of those sad "dancing pet" Britain's Got Talent acts :)

This one gives you a better idea of the size of Marco,all 16lbs of him.It's probably not natural for a cat to be that big,but ever since he got beaten up by a fox,he hasn't liked going out much.

I've just noticed I haven't been on here for over a month.Well I've not been doing much.I've spent most of the last 2 weeks at Shabana's.Me,her and Emma drove to Norwich and back one day (there was a purpose,it wasn't for fun :) ),been shopping in various places,had our first ever night out in Medway and are going for a picnic on Tuesday.Apart from that I had my first experience of commuting (getting the 5.55am coach up to London- not fun) for an interview I had last week.Oh,and we went to Bournemouth last weekend for the airshow which was then cancelled due to the awful weather.Still,Dima enjoyed himself.We couldn't go anywhere without a string of people commenting on how cute he is and wanting to stroke him.Dima is the biggest queen in the dog world and he loved the attention.Needless to say,the 3 hour trip back to Kent in the car with a wet dog was quite ghastly.

I've also become slightly obsessed with German X Factor this weekend,having caught up on most of the series so far on the wonderful Vox Now.But more about that another time...

Thursday, 22 July 2010

I knead you now... Agnes sung once (sort of).I've had that song in my head for 2 days now,maybe that's what inspired me to make bread this afternoon.That,and the fact that we don't have any in the house as usual and I can't be bothered to walk to the shop.Anyway,it's got about 10 minutes before it needs to go in the oven,so I thought I'd quickly tell you what I've been doing today.

Just caught the last 5km of today's apparantly most difficult stage of Le Tour.Like many people I'm wondering why Andy Schleck (who Yahoo's resident blogger said looks like a cross between a horse and a cherub- more of the latter,thank you very much) hasn't attempted before now to attack Contador's 8 second lead.Maybe he actually feels quite confident about the time trial,which the media have already gifted to Contador?We'll have to see.But congratulations to him for winning the stage today,in the most horrendous weather conditions.

Anyway,I missed most of the stage because I was in Whitstable today.Apparantly it's been raining hard in Medway today,but just 30 minutes down the road on the coast,it was brilliant sunshine,and my arms look a bit red now.


Sheppey to the west...

Essex to the north...

and a boat...

Large parts of the county may be crap,but the coast is pretty.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

21 energy gels and a deep-fried turkey

I'm loving this new Specialized advert which I noticed for the first time in today's Tour coverage on Eurosport.

I'm completely in love with Andy Schleck,and am enjoying catching up with his blog on Cycling News.Cute,funny and Luxembourgish.That's a winning combination if you ask me.

Anyway I'm off to do some cycling of my own now.I've joined the gym up the road on a month's trial,so I'm making the most of the nice comfy exercise bikes with iPod docks while I can.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

In other news...

Yahoo's Blazin' Saddles blog on Cavendish's misfortune:

Many people will be happy to witness this extraordinary meltdown from someone who makes even Nicklas Bendtner look humble.


Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Et il continue...

Up until about 9.15 this evening,today was going very well.This morning I got a letter offering me an interview next week for a job that I applied for last month.It's all very exciting,as it's almost the same job that I did in Germany,but on my doorstep and means I'd go to Belgium and France a lot.Which leads me nicely on to the Tour de France,which had its first full day in the country it takes its name from today.

It's been an incredibly exciting first few stages with lots of dramatic crashes,a sort-of protest about said dramatic crashes,and Norway's Thor Hushovd getting his revenge for the protest about said dramatic crashes,by winning yesterday's stage.

Though I'm disappointed about the lack of the beautiful and charismatic Tom Boonen this year,it turns out I've got quite a lot of other favourite riders after all.I agree with Thor (Norway's version of "I agree with Nick"?),in that Fabian Cancellara shouldn't have organised the protest non-sprint the other day,but other than that,I am a big fan of the Swiss guy.Similarly,I've taken to the Schleck brothers.This may or may not be due to my ongoing fascination with all things Luxembourgish,but they just seem like nice guys,who've both had a hard time in this year's Tour.Despite being covered in cuts and bruises,Andy's doing very well and will hopefully be in with a big chance of winning the white jersey this year.And I hope Frank recovers quickly from his broken collarbone which he had surgery on last night.

Then of course there's Edvald who I mentioned in my last post.Following a not-so-good day yesterday,he finished in an amazing third place today,and is whizzing his way up the leaderboard for the white jersey,quite a way in front of our own Mark Cavendish (who I'm also strangely drawn to this year,I bought his autobiography and everything).I hope Norway are very proud of him,even if VG didn't give him the headline story he deserved this afternoon.

Of course it's hard to keep up with all the goings on of a race of such magnitude.So hurrah for websites like Cycling News.The Daily Dispatch is good reading for someone like me who actually knows nothing about the sport and can't even ride a bike.Yesterday's little article about Edvald made me giggle.

Mr. Verbosity....ummm, not

Team Sky's Edvald Boasson Hagen on whether he asked his teammates for advice before tackling his first Tour de France: "No, I haven't spoken much with them. I don't speak much generally." He can say that again...but probably won't.

And made me love him even more,obviously.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Le Tour commence!

I'm in a sports dilemmma today.At 3 o clock Germany are playing Argentina.I was pretty sure die Deutsche were going to beat England last week but this time I'm not so sure.It'll probably be the last time I see them,so I'd like to watch that.

But,today is the start of the Tour de France,which is just as exciting.This year's edition starts in Rotterdam and today there will be an 8,9km time trial in the city.Now I'm particularly looking forward to this year's Tour because of the new British Team Sky.British sports coverage is so UK-centric that I'm sure there'll be lots of attention given to this team,not least because a certain Bradley Wiggins is riding for them.But I'm more excited about this guy...

When I went to Norway with James in 2007,one of the copies of VG that I bought (and still have...obviously :) ) had a whole page dedicated to Edvald Boasson Hagen,proclaiming him to be very good indeed,and possibly Norway's next big thing in the cycling arena.He's set to make his Tour debut today and is seen by some of the other riders to be a threat in the time trial prologue.

As my favourite rider (Tom Boonen) isn't riding this year,I'll be supporting Edvald all the way,though it wouldn't be completely tragic if Fabian Cancellara had a good Tour either :)

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

I'm taking it badly

Was it really that long ago?
It doesn't matter anymore.
All I'll say is- There used to be somebody.

I'm taking it badly.
Neither of us did anything wrong- it just didn't work out.
All I'll say is that I've given up hope now.

I'm taking it badly.
It follows me around town,churning inside me,distracting me.
I can't go through it again.

I'm taking it badly.
All I'll say is- There used to be somebody.
I'm taking it badly.

[My translation of "Ich nehme es zu schwer" by Michel van Dyke]

My new hobby is translating German songs.I've never heard this one but I came across the lyrics just now and it interested me,partly because of who it is and partly because it's so short.I always wonder what the story is behind songs like this,and it makes me wish I was more creative with my own words.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Rendez-vous 98

a.k.a, They Don't Make World Cup Opening Credits Like They Used To

My first World Cup was France 98.Well,technically it was Italia 90,but I was only 3 then so I don't remember it.In 1998 I was mad about football and had a France 98 quilt cover,stationery,even swimming costume! And I think we still have glasses in the kitchen cupboard with Footix the bird on.

Yugoslavia was still a country,my childhood hero Jürgen Klinsmann was playing,Italy were a good team...

Football aside though,I loved (and still do) ITV's credits.

So creative and colourful,I thought it was a great idea.And that song,Rendez-Vous 98 by Jean-Michel Jarre is a classic.You can hear the full song here.Sorry Jessy,I do love Allez Ola Olé,but Rendez-Vous does wipe the floor with it rather...

Anyway,those credits are probably the only thing ITV have done that they can be proud of in the last 12 years.

The BBC's were more subdued and serious,well it was about France after all.

That piece of music is Fauré's Pavane,and is of course used in Changes by Dima Bilan.

World Cup Gillingham Style

Ugh,what a bad day.It started off OK- I got my degree results,and let's just say that all my Fabrika Zvezd watching these last few years has come in very handy- I got a first for my Russian presentation about reality TV! And for my dissertation,and for my essay and presentation about Viennese art.Overall,2:1.Not bad.

But then the football started.My two teams knocked out on the same day- that's grim.That said though,they both deserved it really.Italy have been either lazy or just plain rubbish all the way through the contest,until the last 20 minutes of today's game.I can honestly say I've never been so excited watching a football match as I was during that 20 minutes,it was amazing.I'd never seen Fabio Quagliarella before but I was intrigued about him seeing as he's from Castellammare di Stabia. That might not mean much to anyone else,but for me it's sort of like if someone from Canterbury made it into the England squad,he's a bit of a local boy.Not that I've ever actually been to Castellamare.I did go through it on a train 15 years ago though.Anyway,he did us proud.Along with Andrea Pirlo,he saved some dignity for the Azzurri in what could have been a humiliating defeat.Well,it still was I suppose,but at least it was exciting too :)

I can't say the same about Denmark.I can't say anything about Denmark really,they were shocking tonight,even if Japan were always going to be the better team.I'm loving this Honda chap,I don't think we've seen the last of his fab free kicks yet.

So all that's left for me now is Switzerland and Germany.I am so hoping that Germany thrash England on Sunday.I used to be a joint England/Italy fan when I was little,but the whole hype which surrounds England just kills it for me.England fans and players are,in a lot of cases,silly obnoxious people.I'm sure the same can be said for Italy,but I don't read their newspapers and I'm not subject to the constant biased media coverage we have here.England are not a brilliant team and their players would do well to remember that.Italy and Germany might not be quite the world-beating teams they once were,but at least they've behaved with decorum.

Everyone's going on about Argentina,which puts me off of them immediately.But I haven't seen them play yet.

Anyway,World Cup Fever hits everyone whether they admit it or not.My mum watched most of the Italy-New Zealand game with us on Sunday,making lots of educated comments such as:
- "what logo do Italy have on their shirts,is it a pizza?"

- "Why's everyone going on about how good New Zealand played,they only scored one goal,and that was illegal" (offside).

- (During the Italian National Anthem)- "Turn it up,I want to hear what they're singing" (she doesn't speak Italian)

- (About the Italians)- "He looks like a Roman does does he...look at the size of his nose!"

She watched a bit of the Denmark game tonight too,but only because she found Morten Olsen and the assistant manager funny because they looked so miserable.She didn't think much of Denmark's kit though- "it's very ill-fitting".(Also,Cameroon's is a horrible colour,but Holland's is good,it really stands out).

Even my 81 year old nan's getting in on it,though she wasn't sure which flag to put up."Italy are not very good,but did you see England? They need to start scoring goals otherwise Fabio won't be very happy."

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Good news!

My application form for the Faroese Summer Institute actually found its way to Tórshavn- they just emailed me to say it's been recieved and that I'll hear from them in erm, April next year.It's a good start though.Guess I'd better start saving (from where,I don't know) just in case.Even if I don't get accepted though,I'll still be going over there next summer at some point.

Speaking of the Faroe Islands,I recently finished Charlie Connelly's excellent book,Attention All Shipping:A Journey Round the Shipping Forecast.The subject matter is pretty self-explanatory,and it's a very funny book indeed.Especially if you've ever been bored stiff in Denmark after exhausting all the fun opportunities that small towns on the Jutland Peninsula have to offer.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Blah blah blah...

It's my last night in Guildford for the time being,which feels a bit odd,and anticlimatic.Last night all of us language people went out on the world's most pathetic pub crawl.We spent 2 hours in Wetherspoons followed by a further 2 hours in the Kings Head.But it was good fun.I have one friend in particular who cracks me up so much with his odd,misplaced comments and jokes that no one else really gets,I'll miss him a lot.Especially as we only met this year,so I feel like I don't know him that well.

Actually none of us really spoke to eachother that much before this year started.I used to go for Chinese on a Monday with the boys,but that was about it.Now I've grown quite fond of them,even if they do insist on calling themselves the Three Musketeers and hero worship our department's Health and Safety guy.Me,Maria and Sophie have an unbreakable bond forged by enduring the "charms" of Paris,so we'll see eachother again,probably next week actually.

This year has been a lot of fun,despite far too much work and stress from other areas.I've made sure it's been fun,following a year of hardly seeing anyone in France and Germany,and 2 years of hardly leaving the house before that.There's a small chance that a job doing what I did in Germany (only this time on my doorstep) will be coming my way in a few weeks.It pays well,is something I know I'd enjoy a lot,involves very regular travel and means I can live at home.But Kent's not the same anymore.Especially not after I found out today that my best friend from home is moving to the Midlands in a few months time.Guildford is where proper home is now,and so as the tenth (and best) Doctor said just before he regenerated: "I don't wanna go..." (Only not as emotional.That regeneration scene still makes me want to cry :/)

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Just like Aladdin...with cocktails

Had a really good night tonight with the ladies.Went with Amy,Sophie and Maria to see Sex and the City 2,followed by dinner at Zizzi with added Keira.I discovered that my stomach has somehow turned into a bottomless pit- after eating 3 courses (not like me),I didn't have the uncomfortable feeling that makes you need to walk home with your jeans half unzipped like I normally do.It's quite alarming,but I do seem to be accustomed to eating a lot of food lately.Also went to Jamie's Italian on Tuesday with James and ate a ton of pasta and arancini there too.Better make the most of it though,there are no nice restaurants in Kent.

I enjoyed SATC,despite the negative reviews that have appeared in the papers this week.It opens with the most over-the-top gay wedding the world has ever seen,complete with swans and Liza Minnelli.Then there's a bit of dicking about in New York before they all go to Abu Dhabi and get into all sorts of hilarious scrapes.Well,that's an overstatement.The Abu Dhabi bits are a bit clichéd and predictable,although I did love Samantha's butler Abdul ("as in Paula") and Omid Djalili's brief appearance as the hotel manager.Samantha is probably the only character who hasn't changed at all,which I'm glad about,as she's always been my favourite.But the others,who've all settled down and are now married (with kids in the case of Charlotte and Miranda) have just got a bit dull.A lesson to us all maybe?

Friday, 28 May 2010

Oh well

So disappointed for InCulto tonight,and the lovely beautiful Michael and his wonderful backing singers and golden silk suit.There are others who I wanted to see go through too,but those were the main ones,even though it was never really going to happen.Tonight's semi was so much stronger than Tuesday's,that some of the best songs were always going to miss out.That doesn't excuse the likes of Ukraine and Ireland going through though.

Still,Harel's in the final (near the end too,how super!),so let's drown our sorrows by looking at him.

I need a lie down now.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Miscellaneous post #12

Following on from my Faroese adventure this afternoon,the cool people from The Faroe Islands Podcast are following me on Twitter.I haven't had the chance to listen to any of the podcasts yet,but from reading the blog,it all looks very interesting.There's lots of stuff about Faroese music,lovely pictures and stories from foreigners who've spent time there.I just hope in 15 months time that PVE will be coming to you from Tórshavn :)

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Miscellaneous post #11

At the Post Office:

Me- "I need to send this to the Faroe Islands"
Cashier 1- "I'm sorry I don't know this place" (well I'm sure the Royal Mail do)
Cashier 2- "Faro is in Portugal"
Me- "I know,but the Faroe Islands are between Iceland and Scotland"
Cashier 2- ".........Iceland? And it's an island?"
Me- "Yes"
Cashier 2- "Is it part of Europe?"
Me- "Yes"
Cashier 2- "Erm,60p then"

Just as well I'm applying 11 months early.It might get there by the deadline.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

It's you I've always wanted

Is it just me or are there more attractive men in this year's Eurovision than normal? Harel,Didrik,Peter...Well my new favourite is Michael anyway.I'm not so keen on the current facial hair thing he's got going on,but in some of the publicity shots,he's quite beautiful.That wasn't the point of this post anyway.The point was that I've just come across the German version of Il Pleut de l'Or,my early favourite song of this year.It's called Es Regnet Gold,and though the lyrics are essentially quite similar,they're a bit less dramatic and a bit more...accessible?

I will blog again

As Lara Fabian would probably sing if she did a geek-orientated remix of her famous song.

I haven't blogged much at all lately,for a number of reasons.Firstly,from 14th-22nd,I didn't have any internet.Which was a complete pain in the arse not only as I had my last ever 2 bits of coursework to do last week but also because no one seemed to know (or care) what the problem was,even though they established early on that it was nothing to do with my computer.But it's worked OK since Friday.For now.

Finally finished my stupid amount of work,and indeed had my last ever lecture on Friday.Now all that's left is my Russian exam on Tuesday,a German speaking exam on "the cultural and artistic development of Vienna" (yawn) on the 2nd,and a similar French one about my dissertation on the 7th.Speaking of which...

I'm so glad that's finished.

But apart from working all the time,I've managed to feed lots of ducks in the last few weeks,been bullied by geese,got sunburnt,found my perfect job in the perfect location which I'm yet to apply for,ate a lot of chocolate and got very,very excited about Eurovision.All these updates of rehearsals and photos from Oslo are making me very jealous indeed.Not just because it's my dream to sing at Eurovision,but also because Oslo is my spiritual home and I really want to go back there.Shopping on Karl Johans Gate,sunny afternoons at Aker Brygge and Slottsparken,cheap food at Narvesen...*sigh*.Looks like I'll just have to make do with a day in Paris sometime in the next few months though- doesn't look like I'm having a proper holiday any time in the near future,though I'm still pestering my dad to persuade him Christmas in Sorrento would be very nice.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Я вас любил(a)

I loved you once: perhaps that love has yet
To die down thoroughly within my soul;
But let it not dismay you any longer;
I have no wish to cause you any sorrow.
I loved you wordlessly, without a hope,
By shyness tortured, or by jealousy.
I loved you with such tenderness and candor
And pray God grants you to be loved that way again.

Today we did presentations in our Russian class.It was the first proper presentation we've ever done,and though expectations were low all round,our teacher said he thought they were all really good.Really really good in fact :) Mine was of course about Reality TV in Russia.Russian media has been a subject that's fascinated me for a long time,and I wish I knew enough of the language to be able to read about it properly and from a Russian perspective.But I managed to fit in a pretty picture of Aleksei Vorobyov,and everyone laughed at the video of Prohor "you don't understand: you're stars,I'm a legend" Shalyapin.

Everyone else's presentations were a bit more traditional though.One of my friends spoke about Pushkin,and she introduced us to his poem Ya vas Lyubil (I loved you).I thought the words were lovely,so I thought I'd share them here.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election Fever!

I'm indecisive about most things,so deciding who to vote for today has been very tricky indeed,even though I've been reading the papers for the last month,watched all the debates and listened to everything I can on Radio 4.Maybe this is a typical Kent characteristic though.My home constituency of Gillingham and Rainham is the Conservative's top target seat (I thought it always was Conservative,shows how much I know),and the Tories only need a swing of 0,2% to win it.Same with Sittingbourne&Sheppey (I used to work in Sittingbourne),they're Labour's top priority.So maybe we're all indecisive people who just don't know what to think.Saying that,Guildford is the Lib Dem's number one target,and I think they're going to get it.You'd think of Surrey as being the ultimate poster region for the Conservatives,but with all us students seeing nothing but yellow,it's not always that simple in Guildford.

Having watched all the leaders debates on telly,I,like most of the country fell in love with Mr Clegg,for many reasons.He's not 100% British,he has a foreign wife,he's a great public speaker,worked for the Commission and speaks 5 languages.And he's very attractive.Basically he's everything I want to be.But you can't really vote for a party based on their leader,which is something I think people don't always remember.Different towns and regions have different priorities,which is why I think Guildford's version of Question Time,where all of the candidates explained their policies to us would be a great idea in any constituency.

All I knew before is that I didn't want to vote Labour.For a start I hate some of their unfair policies,but mostly,after 13 years,it's definitely time for a change.If I'd voted in Gillingham I probably would have voted Conservative.Their team was the only one who bothered to knock on doors (even if my mum did refuse to talk to them!),and their candidate had good ideas for the town.But I voted in Guildford,and like everyone else I know who voted here,went for the Lib Dems.I know it's a clichéd thing for students to do,and they do have some massive holes in their policies.But ultimately we all have our own particular areas of interest.For me,Europe is the deciding factor.I'd feel immoral voting for a party that doesn't want the UK to be part of the EU,even though I don't believe there'll ever be a referendum on our membership no matter who's in charge.

I'm going round James' later to watch the results,though I'm sure he'll be asleep long before Gillingham&Rainham declare at 5am.He might manage Guildford's at 1.30.Then tomorrow I'm back off to my potentially Tory hometown for the weekend.It's all very exciting!

Friday, 30 April 2010


...who's interviewing Josh (Eurovision Josh of course) next week? Very exciting :) :) :) I love my radio station!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

20-20 Hindsight

Is the name of Aleksander With's blog which he's just mentioned on Twitter.I thought I'd link to it because I love reading blogs about everyday life,and also because he has some great photos on there.There aren't many posts so far but I look forward to reading more later.

Sunday, 18 April 2010


It's me feeding a zebra! She's adorable.

(photo courtesy of Keira :) )

Last Friday I went to Herts to see Keira.After a nightmare train trip up there (partly because of my mistake,partly because of other people making life difficult for everyone else),I arrived in Broxbourne and we went to Paradise Wildlife Park.Keira took me to see the zebra first,as they're my favourite animal in the world EVER,and she gobbled half of my vegetable mix.

My other favourites there were this guy...

...who despite being tired was an exhibitionist and stood at the front for ages.

This guy...

...who's so ugly he's cute.

And of course,this one...


Tomorrow I'm off to North Wales/Chester to see James.Hopefully the train journey won't be too traumatic.I've got plenty of Russian work to be getting on with on the way.Have sort of given up on my dissertation now,only 900 words left (!),a bit of translation and a bit of referencing,and I think I can manage that back in Guildford.Anyway,I haven't been to Wales for 12 years so I'm looking forward to it,even though the temperature is forecast to be half of what it is in Kent :/ Possible updates while I'm there,but if not,meet you back here on Wednesday evening!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Die Liebe liebt mich nicht

As mentioned previously,I bought Revolverheld's new album In Farbe last week in Germany.They've definitely taken a new turn with their music- everything's happy for a start.So this song doesn't really fit.But that's one reason why I like it,it's the Revolverheld we know and love :) The lyrics are a bit...strong I suppose but they're quite nice.I've translated parts of it at the bottom.

Oh love
What are you doing to me
It’s never easy with you

Sometimes you make me happy,
But most of the time you don't
You tear at my wounds,
But still I drink to you

I don't understand you when you talk to me,
It's all too much for me
Maybe I just don't believe in you anymore

I've tried it all,
Love doesn't love me
I'm deprived,
Love doesn't love me

Can't we agree to chase the doubts away,
I've tried everything
Love doesn't love me

I'm talking to myself,trying to conquer my demon
But even that isn't working for me

Friday, 16 April 2010

Germany Day 2

Readers of the Twilight saga will know that vampires don't sleep.I felt like a vampire on Thursday morning,just waiting around all night for a socially acceptable hour to come so I could get up and have a shower.Despite a very long day the day before,and taking my nice new German anti-anxiety/sleeping tablets,I literally didn't sleep for a minute.Which isn't unusual for me on holiday,but I did feel half-dead on the train to Flensburg.The bit past Eckernförde anyway.Up until then our tiny train was filled with kids going on a school trip and making a nuisance of themselves.I can't stand kids of any shape or size,but these ones did make me laugh,just because I usually think of foreign kids being so much better behaved than British ones.

After getting told off by a Deutsche Bahn man for not signing my ticket before leaving Kiel (what sort of stupid system is that anyway?),I soon woke up when we arrived in my second favourite city (Oslo is still my first love,even if I haven't been there in years).This was my mum's first time in Flensburg and her first impression was "it smells of manure and it's unnaturally quiet".Of course,erm,that's why I love it :/ First stop was the Sankt Nikolai church,in which I would love to get married one day,even if it is situated atop a potentially dangerous slope.I lit a candle for the same person I've been lighting candles for for a while now,and then we went to the Flensburg Galerie,which is where the trouble started.

Two hours and €100 later,we left,having bought: 2 cute little spoons from Danish department store Sinnerup,a green top with an emo teddy bear on it from Mister Lady,5 CDs (Revolverheld's new one,both of Ruben Cossani's,one by Clueso and one by Ich+Ich),and the cutest ever grey top with a family of zebras on.As I'd wanted to buy this top on a previous trip to Flensburg and it was still there nearly 18 months later,I thought it was a sign that I had to buy it.Mother of course didn't buy anything,except lunch,from Eis Cafe Milano,which not only does yummy ham and cheese toasties,but also,and I have to put this in bold capitals LOW FAT ICE CREAM..Though we didn't try it,and no pictures are available,I would urge anyone in the general Flensburg area to go and have one.They're mini works of art if nothing else.I've yet to see anywhere else in the world that sells low fat ice cream spaghetti carbonara.It was so cute!

I didn't buy anything else,apart from a couple of postcards in Karstadt.And a KitKat at the station.

We didn't do much else other than walk along the harbour,though my mum was more interested in looking at the wedding dress shop than the fjord.

There was a distinct lack of both beautiful men and Danish cars that Thursday,which made me conclude that the beautiful men of Flensburg are all in fact Danes who only come down at weekends.Shame.

On the way back to Kiel I got told off by another Deutsche Bahn man for accidentally dropping a ticket on the floor.Time might have taken away my Danish hot dog place and my favourite Karstadt,but it hasn't done anything for making Deutsche Bahn employees more cheerful and friendly.That's kind of comforting.

We missed the live music at the Kieler Brauerei which probably sounded more exciting than it actually was,and instead went for dinner at Block House,a steak house which again is rammed at weekends but was practically empty on Thursday.Had a massive cheeseburger on garlic bread (?) which I know for a fact had over 50g of fat in it (50g is my RDA) followed by Ungarisch flavour Funny Frisch crisps back at the hotel.I'd always wondered what the mysterious "Hungarian" flavour of my favourite crisps was,until my mum pointed out that there was a picture of a paprika on the packet.Mystery solved.

2 hours of German version of Wife Swap (Frauentausch) on RTL later,and I had a very good night's sleep,which may or may not be thanks to my new tablets :)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


...of my recent trip to Germany are here if you're interested.None of them are very good,but I've written informative captions where appropriate :) Will finish writing about it all later this week hopefully.Dissertation has been getting in the way the last few days.That and Eclipse,the third book in the Twilight series...

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Everything is hanging by a thread

Nothing like a bit of Ich + Ich to calm you down when you're dissertating.(I'm still around the 5000 word mark but have just started translating,hoping that it'll grow a bit.It's grown by 8 words so far...) This is Umarme Mich,from Ich + Ich's first album,one of many that I bought in Germany last week.It's so...chilled :)

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Germany Day 1

I love Easyjet.The "check in online 60 days before you fly" system means that you can get to the airport at the last minute and not have to sit around for ages.Even better when the flight itself is only 70 minutes like Gatwick-Hamburg.After a quick McDonalds breakfast (the start of many "bad" things I ate,I forsee massive weight gain this week),we took off at 7.20 and were in Kiel at 11.45.It had been 15 months since I was last in the capital of SH,but it didn't feel like I'd been away at all.Though my mum couldn't remember where anything was and kept getting confused every time we came out of a shop,I didn't get lost once,which is quite something for me.

First stop was Cafe Fiedler on Europaplatz,with their funky zebra print seats and massive quiches.But we just had a quick drink before checking into the hotel around the corner.It seemed Wednesday was the first sunny day of the year in Kiel,as all of the outdoor seats in the cafes and pubs were all taken,and from the hotel window we could see them lounging around on the little bridges and humps in Europaplatz.We felt a bit out of place in winter coats.

Spent the afternoon on Holstenstraße.Zara is being demolished to make way for a big Vero Moda shop,but apart from that,everything was as it was 15 months ago.Even Woolworths is still there! The one major exception though,is Karstadt and the Wurst von Kiel Danish hotdog place outside.Seeing it all empty actually made me really sad,so I had to ask the guy on the sausage cart what had happened.Apparently Karstadt only closed 5 weeks ago,which I'm surprised about,as it was always very popular.Judging by the huge number of shops which were advertising for staff along Holstenstraße too,Germany appears to be starting to recover from "der Krise".I had a think about whether I'd move back to Kiel to work in a shop.It almost makes sense.There isn't the stigma attached to working in retail like there is here.It isn't seen as a step down,or an easy option,it's just as valid and respectable a career choice as any.

Didn't buy anything on Wednesday,just made a mental list of things that might fit into my hand luggage should I choose to buy them later: shoes in XBags,a bag in XBags,a black coat from Madonna (€12!) and a folder with zebras on it.

Had dinner at Cup&Cino on Kehdenstraße.Really it's an Italian coffee house,but I had the most yummy Gemüseauflauf which was very German.I don't know how to translate Gemüseauflauf,but basically it's lots of vegetables mixed with potato and an insanely creamy,herby sauce,baked in the oven with cheese on top and served with crusty bread.I couldn't manage it all,probably because of the huge yogurt and berry milkshake I had with it.

There was a guy in the restaurant wearing a black and white THW Kiel scarf,and a few more walked past the window too.You don't normally see them,so I assumed the handball team were playing that night.As our hotel was right opposite the flashy Sparkassen Arena,we went to have a look.Turns out it was a local derby against SG Flensburg-Handewitt,which Kiel eventually won 29-23.I don't know anything about handball,but I know that THW Kiel are the best team in Germany,having won the league a record amount of times,and that they're nicknamed The Zebras.This is Hein Daddel (named after THW's most legendary player),their cute mascot.

Back to the hotel afterwards,and a quick watch of RTL,whose schedule now seems to consist entirely of German copies of British programmes.

Flensburg tomorrow!

Saturday, 10 April 2010


Back in gloomy Britain after 3 lovely days in Deutschland.Will write about it later.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone's eating loads of chocolate or celebrating the resurrection of Jesus or whatever.I watched the Pope for about 10 minutes this morning,but apart from that I'm very disappointed in the amount of Easter stuff that's been on this weekend.Nothing remotely festive.So thank God for InCulto.

Friday, 2 April 2010


I'm over 4000 words into my dissertation now,which equates to about 57% completion I think.I'm rubbish at making words out of nothing,writing crap for the sake of filling up a wordcount.My essays have always been about quality over quantity.At school when we used to get an hour to write a 4 page essay about Keats' dull poetry or whatever,mine used to be little more than half a page.Only one of my teachers ever agreed that being concise can actually be quite a good thing,and so it continues now.I still do have points in my dissertation that I haven't properly researched yet,but to get another 3000+ words out of it will be stretching me quite a lot.Added to the fact that so far most of it is in English and needs to be translated into French some time soon,and maybe you can see why I've been feeling a lot of stress in the last few days.

Today I went on a shopping trip to Maidstone with Emma and Shabana,neither of whom I've seen since before Christmas.Emma has a real job now so it makes scheduling rather difficult.Anyway,after a massive cockup at Gillingham Station,we ended up on the HS1 instead of a normal train to Strood.HS1 might sound like a virus,but it's the funky new blue high-speed trains,which I think are the first ones to be used in the UK.They run on the same tracks that the Eurostar uses,so it's a lovely smooth ride (in an impossibly clean carriage!) instead of the bumpy,grubby experience that is the usual Southeastern trains.Sadly we were only on it for 10 minutes and then had to transfer to aforementioned bumpy,grubby normal train for the rest of the trip.

Though the others bought loads of stuff,I was very frugal and made do with a £6 brown leather (allegedly) belt from the French market.We get a lot of French markets down here,they all come over from Rouen and invade our high streets with the delicious smell of pastries and various types of salami.Yum.One guy was selling tarts,so I asked him (en français bien sûr) if he has any white chocolate ones.I didn't catch all of what he said but it was along the lines of "no,they're for the Swiss.We're French." Hmm...

I came home to a massive lasagne courtesy of my nan,and a bag full of chocolatey things and a cuddly Easter chick from my aunt/uncle/cousin.But all I can think about is this sodding essay.Bring on May 5th when it'll all be over.

Miscellaneous post #10

I just watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona,which is something I've been meaning to do for a long time.Put very basically,it's about how beautiful,charming foreign men with mentally unstable girlfriends/ex-wives may be addictive but are really not good for you in the long run,even when fate gives you a small bit of hope that things could end happily ever after.Needless to say,I thought it was a great film :) Also made me remember how yummy Javier Bardem is,and how much I love Penelope Cruz.

Monday, 29 March 2010

I'm still not Schlieri's girlfriend

Just by chance,I was looking through the archives of PVE,and discovered that today (well the next 20 minutes) is actually the second birthday of my second-born blog! Happy birthday blog,look,you can share one of the cute little Maison Blanc cupcakes we bought Sophie for her birthday.

Sooooo much has changed in the 2 years since I started writing PVE,I've lived in 5 different houses,which is quite impressive,I've seen my musical hero in concert twice,I put on 26 pounds and lost 16 of them...But some things never change.Namely,the way in which an alarmingly high number of visitors come across this blog.More people than I care to count end up here through googling "Gregor Schlierenzauer's girlfriend." I can assure you that I am not her,though I imagine I would be immeasurably more happy if I was ;)

Anyway,other interesting searches resulting in this blog include:
- "skinny french guys naked" (someone in central France)
- "dover ferries" (someone in India)
- "prohor shalyapin speak english?" (someone in America)

Now for the final one,I can be of service.Yes,yes he does speak English.

God I miss Fabrika Zvezd...

Thanks to the 3000ish people who've taken the time to read any of the rubbish I've written on here.It's much appreciated :)

Saturday, 27 March 2010


...was a very busy day for me,starting with my gym induction at the new and pretty special (read: ridiculously expensive) Surrey Sports Park.It certainly ain't built for students to use,and will cost about a million times more than the £12 a month we're paying when it opens properly.But more about that another time.

After that,me and Keira went straight off to London to the Chocolate Festival,where there were many lovely things to eat and look at.Dinner and fab non-alcoholic cocktails at Las Iguanas,followed by an hour and a half in the company of the wonderful Teitur Lassen,which you can read about here,because I actually wrote a review this time!

When we got home we stuffed our faces with chips and chocolate covered pretzels,listened to some schlager and threw balls of various sizes around Keira's room,which resulted in some amusing pictures of me,her and Rich.The perfect end to a busy semester!

Back in Kent for a month now,though I have a lot of work to do,as well as various other things.Next stop: Germany in 11 days time!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Don't know why I still fall apart for you

The other night I was familiarising myself with the work of Sarah Connor.Probably something to do with Radio Flensburg,I can't remember.Normally when I'm choosing songs to listen to,I'll read the lyrics first as an indicator of whether I think it's worth pursuing.Fall Apart was one that I felt worth pursuing.Not least because it's probably one of about 4 songs of Sarah's that isn't all about sexual innuendo,the words actually have some substance.It turned out the tune is pretty damn good too.It sort of gets better and better,the verses are good,the bridge is cool,and the chorus is fabulous.

Monday, 22 March 2010

What do you use to patch up an injured mallard?

Duck tape! Hahahahahahahahahahaha. :/

Myself and Rich were having lunch just now when we were unexpectedly joined by a guest.

I'm calling her Diana.Assuming the brown ones are the girls,I can never remember.

She came waddling down the grass like she owned the place and then sat staring at us through the window until I threw some bread out.It fell in the gutter though and she made a big drama out of jumping down to get it.I don't know what's wrong with the lake these days but we're finding ducks everywhere at the minute.There were 2 outside reception the other day sounding like they were having a good moan.I think they would have come in and sat in the armchairs had I not shut the door quickly behind me.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Please come back to the quiet generation

The sun's out for the first time in about 5 years,as of next week we have a whole month off,and in 8 days time we're going to the Southbank Chocolate Festival and then to see Teitur.Today is one of those days where you can't help but feel happy.And Louis Louis is one of those songs that can't help but make you feel happy.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I tried so hard not being a part of you

Good old Radio Flensburg has delivered the goods again.Tuned in for the first time in ages this evening to be greeted by this lovely song.As far as I can tell,Synje Norland is a northerner and that so far,she's only released one album.Tried So Hard is the only song I've heard from it so far,but if the rest of it is anything like this,it's probably pretty super.I'll be looking out for it when I'm in Flensburg in 3 weeks time.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Eurovision Windmachine

Just came across a very amusing Eurovision blog.It's auf Deutsch,but Google Translate's German efforts are normally quite good.I should know,I've used it enough times in my coursework...Anyway,the idea of our song being called "That Sounds Good to Pete" made me chuckle,so go and read!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sexy Russian Boy*

I bet World's Most Beautiful Man Aleksei Vorobyov would have appreciated the effort I made to look nice tonight.And I bet he's not vulgar,is neither emotionally stunted or unstable.And I bet his shows are a lot of fun.Especially if you happen to be in the front row during the slow bit in Reality.

*Tina Karol had a song called that once.

Friday, 12 March 2010

I think this story needs another ending

I absolutely adore this song...

I've only listened to it twice so far,so don't really have the words to describe it yet.It's not often I hear a song and love it immediately,but this is definitely one of those songs.Who knew there was so much musical talent in the Faroe Islands?! So much criminally underated talent too.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Greeks and Eurovision and Smorgasbords

As promised before,here's my lobster :)

And my lizard on a rock

My mum and dad certainly delivered on the tat front :)

Just got back from a nice evening in London with James- probably the least stressful trip to London I've ever had.Started off at the Scandinavian Kitchen,where the Smørrebrød was lovely (expensive too,but I guess that's all part of the Scandinavian Experience).I had Norwegian meatballs,prawns and roast beef with remoulade.Yum.

Speaking of which...

So happy.

The recording of Recorded for Training Purposes at Broadcasting House was great.It lasted nearly 2 hours,everyone there was lovely and civil and not annoying in the slightest,and the chairs were really comfortable.

And of course I'm going back up to London with Keira on Friday to see Your Country Needs You.Very exciting,even though I don't really have any interest in who wins or what our song is.But Alexander Rybak and Bruno Tonioli will be there,so that's all good :) I don't even like Rybak,but Fairytale has been my ringtone for ages now,so there must be something there :)

iExhibition was good fun last night,even if we did get bullied off stage by the Greeks.They didn't have anything personal against me and Keira,just everyone in general by the sound of it.We weren't playing "the right music". Read: we weren't playing Greek music.Which we would have done if they'd have given us the chance,but we were forced to cut our set short because of their moaning.The Greeks at this university get too much their own way,they're the worst noise perpetrators here,they're messy and very arrogant.I've been to Greece,and everyone I met there was lovely and friendly.As are the few Greeks I personally know here.But it does seem to be a Brits Abroad syndrome for the majority unfortunately.Despite all that though,last night was still fun.I was a bit scared to start with,as there were literally a few hundred people there,and seeing as we normally have 6 listeners on the show...But people were dancing to our music,even Trend by Mediengruppe Telekommander.

Di's boyfriend took some pictures of us,which is cool,even though we do look a bit worried in this one...

But I could either have that one,or one of us visibly singing,or one of Keira doing air guitar to the Work Your Magic remix :)

Miscellaneous post #9

Guess who's going to Your Country Needs You on Friday? :)

Monday, 8 March 2010


Although this morning I really wasn't in the mood,I'm really looking forward DJ-ing at the union now.We've found some very cool tracks and shall be playing as follows:

- Mediengruppe Telekommander: Trend
- Philter: My French Connection
- Ruslana: Wild Dances
- Dima K: Work Your Magic (Deep Zone Remix,obviously)
- Basshunter: DoTA
- Anna Abreu: Vinegar
- Antti Tuisku: Levoton (amazing intro!)
- Christophe Willem: Berlin
- Dima B: Gore Zima
- Sakis: Ola Kala

Because you have to cater for the Greeks.That much we have learned.

I hope he's happy that he has you

How heartbreakingly lovely is this song?

It's Harel Skaat in case you were too busy reading the words to notice.Israel's ESC final is coming up this weekend,I can't wait :) Anyway,I love that song (Ve at it's called).I wasn't that fussed about it until I read the translation.

I've been in a bit of a Harel mood this weekend,I'd forgotten about this song until I saw it in my youtube favourites.Which is odd,seeing as it's one of the best songs I've discovered this year.I forget what Kama od Efshar means,but either way I like to think of this song as an Israeli version of Love is All Around :)

In other news,I've been back in Kent this weekend,a bit of a spontaneous thing only decided on Friday.Done lots of visiting,not very much work,and a fair bit of eating.Oh,and I'm now the proud owner of a purple lobster with springy legs,as mentioned before.He wasn't quite what I expected,but there shall be a picture tomorrow.

Also,I've just filled out the application form for the European Studies Masters in Germany.I can't afford to do it and am still not sure I want to do any more studying,but I can't let the chance go by.Especially as in just over 4 weeks time I'll be in Flensburg and will undoubtedly fall in love with the place all over again.

Anyway,I have to go to bed now.Need to be in Guildford for 11 tomorrow,which means getting up at 8ish to catch the train at 9ish.I need to give in a translation,go to the gym,buy new headphones,work out 2 playlists,find something nice to wear for DJing at the Union,eat,DJ at the Union,do Sounds of Europe.In that order.Ugh.Hopefully James will be around again to help with the show.Even if it does just mean picking track numbers at random :)

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Miscellaneous post #8

This is me today

Only less cute.

I haven't felt this rough in a long time.I knew I had a cold coming on Monday when I was on the train back to Guildford.I had to blow my nose at every stop on the way to Victoria,which was embarassing as I tend to make a hell of a lot of noise when I blow my nose.But despite lots of German Grippostad C tablets (my saviours when I lived in Kiel),and tons of tissue,it's just getting worse.I literally didn't sleep last night because I was so hot and uncomfortable,so there was no chance of me getting to lectures today.I tried sleeping throughout the day but just ended up having weird hallucinogenic half-dreams about massive dragonflies and stuff.It was a bit scary :/

Other than that it's been a good week so far.Monday's Sounds of Europe was so much fun thanks to our guest.Never in a million years did I think James would want to be on the radio but he really enjoyed it and it's gone to his head now.He's hoping to become the next presenter of Women's Hour on Radio 4.

Last night we went to see the Archbishop of Canterbury who was doing an interview which I think was broadcast on BBC Surrey.It was really interesting,and although I spent most of the time concentrating on not sneezing,I remember one person asking "how can you believe in God when there is no scientific proof he exists?" Answer- "Do you need a scientific reason for why you prefer broccoli over peas?" True dat :)

One more lecture this week and then I think I'm going to spend the weekend making culinary delights.I've got polenta and sundried tomatoes in the cupboard but I have no idea what to do with them as yet.I also promised James a chicken and mushroom risotto about 2 months ago so I should probably do that too.Speaking of food,I'm quite excited about going to Scandinavian Kitchen on Tuesday.We're going to Broadcasting House for a Radio 4 show recording and this place is 5 minutes away from it.I'll be going to stock up on Danish remoulade which is one of the things I miss most about Schleswig-Holstein.But looking at the Smørrebrød and everything on the website,I think the bank account could take a bit of a beating :)

Friday, 26 February 2010

Miscellaneous post #7

I'm now a quarter of the way through my dissertation.That's quite a nice feeling.Especially as I have the rest of it planned out too.Bit annoying that all the work I put into it when I was in France was for nothing,but if it means the whole thing is going to be better,I'll go along with that.Still lots of work to do though,I have a lot of research into gay adoption laws in Germany to do,plan a French presentation about the Lisbon Treaty,a Russian one about Russian Reality TV,and write an essay about Vienna :/

Anyway,another 2lbs off this week,God knows how.That's a total of 16lbs lost so far,which seems an insane amount.I don't really deserve to have lost all that seeing as I've not really made any effort at all,but again,I'm not complaining.My new motivation to go to the gym is that I have several episodes of Tintin to watch on my ipod when I'm there :) That,and fitting into my lovely Norwegian coat that I haven't been able to wear for the last 18 months or so.

Mentally I'm feeling slightly better than last week.I've been on the Valerian Root for a week now and am down to 2 tablets a day.It seems to be working OK.Also had a chat with my aunt last night- I never knew she used to be an anxiety counsellor,so that helps :) She's going to send me some relaxation CDs,which I think will be good.Of course,nothing in the world will help me sleep against the noise and bass vibrations we get in our house in Guildford,but there's not long now til that'll all be over.

Mother and Father rang again today.They're in Fuerteventura and apparantly there's some big drag cabaret thing happening tonight.I'm very jealous,even though they're not actually going to it.Am happy to hear that they've bought me more tat though.I love the kitsch,plastic tat that's so abundant in Mediterranean countries.I had loads of lacy fans from Italy and Spain when I was little but they seem to have disappeared.But when I have my own house I want a brightly coloured room that's full of the stuff,so that's why I asked them to buy me the naffest things they can find.So far I have one of the aforementioned lacy fans, a flamenco dancer fridge magnet,and erm, a big purple lobster with springy legs :/ There are other things too but they won't tell me what they are.

Oh,I watched a BBC programme last night called Art of Russia.I think it was the last in the series,but luckily it was all about Communist Art, "Socialist Realism".As a big fan of this genre,as mentioned here,it was all very interesting.I can't believe the lovely sculptures of engineers and farmers in the Moscow metro are still untouched though.If that was in the London Underground they would have disappeared long ago.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

It's far from over

The last few weeks have been proper rubbish here.Having big motivation problems with work,though I'm still not stressed about it because it will get done eventually because it has to.I'm going home next week to concentrate on my dissertation.There won't be anyone at home so I'll have all the silence I need and none of the distractions I don't.

I've been having massive anxiety problems too.This has been going on for at least a year but just seems to be getting worse to the point that I'm seeing someone about it,doing all these breathing exercises,and am on various herbal tablets to try and stop it.I find walking helps too,especially at night.I was getting ready to go out at 1 o clock this morning but ended up in the kitchen having a chat with my housemate for a few hours about Wispa Gold and Tuc biscuits and the likes.That helped too,and was probably a better option than going for a walk,seeing how frosty it was last night.

Other rubbish things have happened in the past week too,but we don't talk about those anymore.

But as any good counsellor would tell you,you should think about the positives.Well,I bought some daffodils yesterday and they bloomed over night to give me a nice surprise in the corner of my room this morning.I always find daffodils cheerful.It means spring can't be too far away.Also,I've lost around a stone now.I haven't been eating well or exercising at all in the last couple of weeks,but I'm still fitting into my old size 14 stuff again,which was what I wanted,even if I do still need to lose another half a stone or so.

The best thing though,is that I have my old friend back,after a very long time of not talking.He has a blog,which is here,he's from Flensburg and he has very good taste in music :) Such as this song,which I've listened to a crazy amount this weekend.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

I'm not crazy I'm just a little unwell...

Here's the most criminally underated Norwegian singer ever (Kjartan Salvesen) singing a song with very nice lyrics (Unwell by Matchbox Twenty).It starts about 55 seconds in.He only sings one verse,so all the words are underneath.

All day staring at the ceiling making friends with shadows on my wall
All night hearing voices telling me that I should get some sleep
Because tomorrow might be good for something
Hold on, feeling like I'm headed for a breakdown
And I don't know why

But I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
I know, right now you can't tell
But stay a while and maybe then you'll see
A different side of me

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired
I know, right now you don't care
But soon enough you're gonna think of me
And how I used to be, me

I'm talking to myself in public, dodging glances on the train
And I know, I know they've all been talking about me
I can hear them whisper, and it makes me think
There must be something wrong with me
Out of all the hours thinking, somehow I've lost my mind

But I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
I know, right now you can't tell
But stay a while and maybe then you'll see
A different side of me

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired
I know, right now you don't care
But soon enough you're gonna think of me
And how I used to be

I've been talking in my sleep
Pretty soon they'll come to get me
Yeah, they're taking me away

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
I know, right now you can't tell
But stay a while and maybe then you'll see
A different side of me

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired
I know, right now you don't care
But soon enough you're gonna think of me
And how I used to be yeah, how I used to be

How I used to be
Well, I'm just a little unwell
How I used to be, how I used to be
I'm just a little unwell

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Thursday, 14 January 2010


...I am full of it.Nothing to do with that new programme of course,what I refer to is the fact that I just bought tickets to go and see Teitur in London in March at the Southbank Centre- you don't even need a travelcard to get there from Guildford! Did I mention these tickets are for front row seats? You could say I'm a bit excited :)

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Jamie and Tintin

More snow in Guildford today meant that lessons were cancelled,which was nice,as I was meant to have a Russian exam today.I did revise for it last night- I listened to Dima Koldun,one of whose songs is called Ty Uletish (You'll Fly Away).That's a verb of motion,which is exactly what the test was about.It's been postponed to next week now,so in that time I'll have to listen to Sevara Nazarkhan's A On Ne Prishyol so I can learn another verb.

We also made a new cocktail last night,whilst listening to the Work Your Magic remix- taking us as close back to the good old days as you can get without a 32 inch telly and comfy furniture.It's called Tintin (said with a Russian accent),and it's made from Russkiy Standard,pureed banana,tinned peaches and syrup and orange juice.The banana does make it very foamy,but if you put it through a seive before drinking,it's fine.

This morning we made Jamie...

He's melted a bit now so his nose and one of his eyes have fallen off.But he's something new to look at when we're eating lunch.