Saturday, 30 January 2010

Thursday, 14 January 2010


...I am full of it.Nothing to do with that new programme of course,what I refer to is the fact that I just bought tickets to go and see Teitur in London in March at the Southbank Centre- you don't even need a travelcard to get there from Guildford! Did I mention these tickets are for front row seats? You could say I'm a bit excited :)

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Jamie and Tintin

More snow in Guildford today meant that lessons were cancelled,which was nice,as I was meant to have a Russian exam today.I did revise for it last night- I listened to Dima Koldun,one of whose songs is called Ty Uletish (You'll Fly Away).That's a verb of motion,which is exactly what the test was about.It's been postponed to next week now,so in that time I'll have to listen to Sevara Nazarkhan's A On Ne Prishyol so I can learn another verb.

We also made a new cocktail last night,whilst listening to the Work Your Magic remix- taking us as close back to the good old days as you can get without a 32 inch telly and comfy furniture.It's called Tintin (said with a Russian accent),and it's made from Russkiy Standard,pureed banana,tinned peaches and syrup and orange juice.The banana does make it very foamy,but if you put it through a seive before drinking,it's fine.

This morning we made Jamie...

He's melted a bit now so his nose and one of his eyes have fallen off.But he's something new to look at when we're eating lunch.