Wednesday, 30 June 2010

I'm taking it badly

Was it really that long ago?
It doesn't matter anymore.
All I'll say is- There used to be somebody.

I'm taking it badly.
Neither of us did anything wrong- it just didn't work out.
All I'll say is that I've given up hope now.

I'm taking it badly.
It follows me around town,churning inside me,distracting me.
I can't go through it again.

I'm taking it badly.
All I'll say is- There used to be somebody.
I'm taking it badly.

[My translation of "Ich nehme es zu schwer" by Michel van Dyke]

My new hobby is translating German songs.I've never heard this one but I came across the lyrics just now and it interested me,partly because of who it is and partly because it's so short.I always wonder what the story is behind songs like this,and it makes me wish I was more creative with my own words.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Rendez-vous 98

a.k.a, They Don't Make World Cup Opening Credits Like They Used To

My first World Cup was France 98.Well,technically it was Italia 90,but I was only 3 then so I don't remember it.In 1998 I was mad about football and had a France 98 quilt cover,stationery,even swimming costume! And I think we still have glasses in the kitchen cupboard with Footix the bird on.

Yugoslavia was still a country,my childhood hero Jürgen Klinsmann was playing,Italy were a good team...

Football aside though,I loved (and still do) ITV's credits.

So creative and colourful,I thought it was a great idea.And that song,Rendez-Vous 98 by Jean-Michel Jarre is a classic.You can hear the full song here.Sorry Jessy,I do love Allez Ola Olé,but Rendez-Vous does wipe the floor with it rather...

Anyway,those credits are probably the only thing ITV have done that they can be proud of in the last 12 years.

The BBC's were more subdued and serious,well it was about France after all.

That piece of music is Fauré's Pavane,and is of course used in Changes by Dima Bilan.

World Cup Gillingham Style

Ugh,what a bad day.It started off OK- I got my degree results,and let's just say that all my Fabrika Zvezd watching these last few years has come in very handy- I got a first for my Russian presentation about reality TV! And for my dissertation,and for my essay and presentation about Viennese art.Overall,2:1.Not bad.

But then the football started.My two teams knocked out on the same day- that's grim.That said though,they both deserved it really.Italy have been either lazy or just plain rubbish all the way through the contest,until the last 20 minutes of today's game.I can honestly say I've never been so excited watching a football match as I was during that 20 minutes,it was amazing.I'd never seen Fabio Quagliarella before but I was intrigued about him seeing as he's from Castellammare di Stabia. That might not mean much to anyone else,but for me it's sort of like if someone from Canterbury made it into the England squad,he's a bit of a local boy.Not that I've ever actually been to Castellamare.I did go through it on a train 15 years ago though.Anyway,he did us proud.Along with Andrea Pirlo,he saved some dignity for the Azzurri in what could have been a humiliating defeat.Well,it still was I suppose,but at least it was exciting too :)

I can't say the same about Denmark.I can't say anything about Denmark really,they were shocking tonight,even if Japan were always going to be the better team.I'm loving this Honda chap,I don't think we've seen the last of his fab free kicks yet.

So all that's left for me now is Switzerland and Germany.I am so hoping that Germany thrash England on Sunday.I used to be a joint England/Italy fan when I was little,but the whole hype which surrounds England just kills it for me.England fans and players are,in a lot of cases,silly obnoxious people.I'm sure the same can be said for Italy,but I don't read their newspapers and I'm not subject to the constant biased media coverage we have here.England are not a brilliant team and their players would do well to remember that.Italy and Germany might not be quite the world-beating teams they once were,but at least they've behaved with decorum.

Everyone's going on about Argentina,which puts me off of them immediately.But I haven't seen them play yet.

Anyway,World Cup Fever hits everyone whether they admit it or not.My mum watched most of the Italy-New Zealand game with us on Sunday,making lots of educated comments such as:
- "what logo do Italy have on their shirts,is it a pizza?"

- "Why's everyone going on about how good New Zealand played,they only scored one goal,and that was illegal" (offside).

- (During the Italian National Anthem)- "Turn it up,I want to hear what they're singing" (she doesn't speak Italian)

- (About the Italians)- "He looks like a Roman does does he...look at the size of his nose!"

She watched a bit of the Denmark game tonight too,but only because she found Morten Olsen and the assistant manager funny because they looked so miserable.She didn't think much of Denmark's kit though- "it's very ill-fitting".(Also,Cameroon's is a horrible colour,but Holland's is good,it really stands out).

Even my 81 year old nan's getting in on it,though she wasn't sure which flag to put up."Italy are not very good,but did you see England? They need to start scoring goals otherwise Fabio won't be very happy."

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Good news!

My application form for the Faroese Summer Institute actually found its way to Tórshavn- they just emailed me to say it's been recieved and that I'll hear from them in erm, April next year.It's a good start though.Guess I'd better start saving (from where,I don't know) just in case.Even if I don't get accepted though,I'll still be going over there next summer at some point.

Speaking of the Faroe Islands,I recently finished Charlie Connelly's excellent book,Attention All Shipping:A Journey Round the Shipping Forecast.The subject matter is pretty self-explanatory,and it's a very funny book indeed.Especially if you've ever been bored stiff in Denmark after exhausting all the fun opportunities that small towns on the Jutland Peninsula have to offer.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Blah blah blah...

It's my last night in Guildford for the time being,which feels a bit odd,and anticlimatic.Last night all of us language people went out on the world's most pathetic pub crawl.We spent 2 hours in Wetherspoons followed by a further 2 hours in the Kings Head.But it was good fun.I have one friend in particular who cracks me up so much with his odd,misplaced comments and jokes that no one else really gets,I'll miss him a lot.Especially as we only met this year,so I feel like I don't know him that well.

Actually none of us really spoke to eachother that much before this year started.I used to go for Chinese on a Monday with the boys,but that was about it.Now I've grown quite fond of them,even if they do insist on calling themselves the Three Musketeers and hero worship our department's Health and Safety guy.Me,Maria and Sophie have an unbreakable bond forged by enduring the "charms" of Paris,so we'll see eachother again,probably next week actually.

This year has been a lot of fun,despite far too much work and stress from other areas.I've made sure it's been fun,following a year of hardly seeing anyone in France and Germany,and 2 years of hardly leaving the house before that.There's a small chance that a job doing what I did in Germany (only this time on my doorstep) will be coming my way in a few weeks.It pays well,is something I know I'd enjoy a lot,involves very regular travel and means I can live at home.But Kent's not the same anymore.Especially not after I found out today that my best friend from home is moving to the Midlands in a few months time.Guildford is where proper home is now,and so as the tenth (and best) Doctor said just before he regenerated: "I don't wanna go..." (Only not as emotional.That regeneration scene still makes me want to cry :/)