Sunday, 29 August 2010

My new favourite picture

Even though it makes me look like one of those sad "dancing pet" Britain's Got Talent acts :)

This one gives you a better idea of the size of Marco,all 16lbs of him.It's probably not natural for a cat to be that big,but ever since he got beaten up by a fox,he hasn't liked going out much.

I've just noticed I haven't been on here for over a month.Well I've not been doing much.I've spent most of the last 2 weeks at Shabana's.Me,her and Emma drove to Norwich and back one day (there was a purpose,it wasn't for fun :) ),been shopping in various places,had our first ever night out in Medway and are going for a picnic on Tuesday.Apart from that I had my first experience of commuting (getting the 5.55am coach up to London- not fun) for an interview I had last week.Oh,and we went to Bournemouth last weekend for the airshow which was then cancelled due to the awful weather.Still,Dima enjoyed himself.We couldn't go anywhere without a string of people commenting on how cute he is and wanting to stroke him.Dima is the biggest queen in the dog world and he loved the attention.Needless to say,the 3 hour trip back to Kent in the car with a wet dog was quite ghastly.

I've also become slightly obsessed with German X Factor this weekend,having caught up on most of the series so far on the wonderful Vox Now.But more about that another time...