Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Dienstag ist X-Tag!

As I said last time,I've really been getting into German X Factor,which started a few days before our own latest series.I've caught up with most of the episodes now,though I was too late for one of them- Vox Now is like iPlayer and only lets you watch things for a week,then you have to pay for them.Anyway,the audition stages are all over now,and these are some of my favourite contestants so far.

Jörg Müller-Lornsen was on yesterday's episode and he's a bit like a soulful Tom Dice.He sang a cover of Herbert Grönemeyer's Flugzeuge im Bauch,a breakup song with some rather nice lyrics.Grönemeyer really is an acquired taste,but Jörg put his own twist on the song and it was much nicer.Also,he's from Lübeck and lives in Kiel,which automatically makes him at least 50% better than everyone else :) (As you should expect from German telly,there's a lot of talking,and he doesn't start singing til 2 minutes in).He's through to bootcamp,and I hope to hear him sing in English at some point.That kind of singing voice doesn't always suit the German language I find.

Florian (from Hamburg) and Esther (from somewhere else) met on an aeroplane (Florian is a flight attendant apparantly).I don't think I've ever heard a woman sing Nessun Dorma before,but Esther is great,and when they sing together,it's actually amazing.I'm quite biased though,Nessun Dorma is my favourite opera song and it's never failed to make me cry :) They went through to bootcamp,but as the judges said,they might not get very far as opera singers in a pop competition.

On one of the shows last week,Alexander sang another Herbert Grönemeyer song called Halt Mich.He's adorable and he has a lovely voice.Rather attractive judge Till Brönner might just have the winner in his category.

Finally,I love Klaudia.Partly because she sung one of my favourite songs (Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy) and it wasn't perfect,partly because she plays guitar,but mostly because of her cool style and her attitude.At the start of the video she says "I don't have a boyfriend and I don't want one,I don't need to be validated by a man."I wish I'd have been that cool when I was 16.

As far as the judges go,I'm not that excited about George Glueck.I find him a bit boring.But he has worked with Ich+Ich and Falco,so he must be alright really.Til Brönner is easy on the eye and makes the odd funny comment,but Sarah Connor is my favourite,she seems a really nice person but tells the contestants like it is when necessary.As for presenter,actor Jochen Schropp,well,Google Image him,you won't regret it.