Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Wow it's been a long time since I've been on here.I've got a definite preference for Twitter these days,being too lazy to write anything else.Either way there's not much to report,life is pretty boring back in Gillingham.I've been sitting in all day watching the Chilean miners on telly,and haven't failed to be a bit emotional about it like many other people.I think it was Bill Turnbull on Breakfast today who said "it's nice having some good news to report".True dat,as all the Kent chavs used to say in the 90s :)

The news coverage has well and truly distracted me from working today,so I've done about 45 minutes in total.I finally got a job as a German translator working for a Swiss company.It's only for 12 hours a week and the pay is pretty poor,but the experience is so valuable I had to say yes.It's approximately 598 times easier to get a job with a foreign company than it is over here.Foreign companies tend to trust you to be what you say you are instead of making you go through 4 rounds of interviews for a job which is essentially just jumped-up data entry.I'm still looking for something else to do as well as this,but there's no pressure now for it to be language-based,as I've already got that covered.It's come at the right time too,I've been having hypertension problems because of the stress of having no money and nothing to do,I feel a lot calmer now.

What else have I done...I spent a very enjoyable Saturday in Guildford with Keira and our ex-housemate.Lunch at da Gennaros is always something to look forward to,and after tomato soup and a massive pizza,I felt pleasantly plump for the rest of the day.I'm incredibly plump at the minute actually,but the less said about that the better.I guess that's an occupational hazard of working from home with just a fat,snoring cat and a whingy dog for company.But it's all outweighed (excuse the pun) by being able to work in your dressing gown whilst singing along to Ruben Cossani songs :)

And that's it really.Going to London with Keira to see Plans for Tomorrow, part of the BFI's international film festival, on Sunday,then seeing Maria and Sophie in Reading next Friday,and then the week after that it'll be my birthday.Which I'm not really excited about at all.Although I will be if I can manage to get tickets to see Gino d'Acampo at the Love Food festival in London :)