Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I never scored the winning goal for my home team*

Back in March,me and Keira went to see Teitur in London,where he sang quite a few songs from his now released fifth album Let the Dog Drive Home (at least it's been released in Scandinavia anyway).One of my favourite songs from that night was Freight Train,for which there's a proper (slightly bizarre) video,which distracts a bit from the lovely lyrics.Anyway,here it is.

*Someone had better score for Teitur's home team tonight.Yesterday I did a bet in the bookies for the first time ever on Scotland to beat the Faroes 2-1.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Crochet worms

Last week I took up crocheting.I'm a big fan of doilies and wanted to make some of them for my room,but it turns out that's way too hard for someone as slow as me.So all I've managed to make so far (by accident) is this wormy thing.

I sewed eyes on him this evening but I'm thinking of crocheting a few legs on to make him into a proteus.I bet no one else in the world has a crocheted proteus :)

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Herzlichen Glückwünsch

Emma bought me those,as well as a card that screams some weird personalised birthday song at me.

Shabs got me a pretty fabulous bag from Wallis which is rather posh- it's just the right size for my Filofax and purse.I got ear muffs and a cuddly zebra from Dima (I've already got zebras called Deborah and Sakis,so I need to think of a name for this one),and fingerless gloves/mittens from Marco.Yes my pets buy me presents.And I just got home from Maidstone to find Keira's present waiting for me- it's a hematite necklace which matches the jumper I'm wearing now and the boots my mum bought me,which is quite handy :)

I also got lots of cards and money which I don't know what to do with yet.I was tempted by some shoes in Deichmann in Maidstone today (Deichmann is the shop in Kiel where I bought these amazing trainers which have since disintegrated at the front),when I found out I can fit into a size 4,but decided it needs a bit of extra thought first.I did however buy some of the Christmassy themed pyjamas that Primark have in- they're blue and covered in polar bears and have sparkly buttons.Sounds garish,but they're nothing compared to Shabana's fleecy gingerbread man ones :)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Raquelita does ćevapčići

This morning I was listening to the iPod when this song came on...

...and it reminded me so much of Croatia and the Balkan,Balkan,Balkans that I had the urge to make ćevapčići for dinner.Ćevapčići are sausage/kebab things made of pork,beef and lamb and they're eaten all over the Balkans.Apart from pizza and chips with mayonnaise,it's the only thing I remember eating in Croatia both times I've been there,so they must have been nice.So I've been to Tulip in Chatham this morning (the best thing about Medway- it's the Eastern European supermarket that sells incredibly fresh vegetables and halal meat,nice sweets and scary looking Russian ready meals in tins with Cyrillic writing on),and I bought some flatbread and a massive jar of ajvar to go with them.

If it turns out rubbish I'm blaming Milan and his lovely summery music :)