Thursday, 22 July 2010

I knead you now... Agnes sung once (sort of).I've had that song in my head for 2 days now,maybe that's what inspired me to make bread this afternoon.That,and the fact that we don't have any in the house as usual and I can't be bothered to walk to the shop.Anyway,it's got about 10 minutes before it needs to go in the oven,so I thought I'd quickly tell you what I've been doing today.

Just caught the last 5km of today's apparantly most difficult stage of Le Tour.Like many people I'm wondering why Andy Schleck (who Yahoo's resident blogger said looks like a cross between a horse and a cherub- more of the latter,thank you very much) hasn't attempted before now to attack Contador's 8 second lead.Maybe he actually feels quite confident about the time trial,which the media have already gifted to Contador?We'll have to see.But congratulations to him for winning the stage today,in the most horrendous weather conditions.

Anyway,I missed most of the stage because I was in Whitstable today.Apparantly it's been raining hard in Medway today,but just 30 minutes down the road on the coast,it was brilliant sunshine,and my arms look a bit red now.


Sheppey to the west...

Essex to the north...

and a boat...

Large parts of the county may be crap,but the coast is pretty.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

21 energy gels and a deep-fried turkey

I'm loving this new Specialized advert which I noticed for the first time in today's Tour coverage on Eurosport.

I'm completely in love with Andy Schleck,and am enjoying catching up with his blog on Cycling News.Cute,funny and Luxembourgish.That's a winning combination if you ask me.

Anyway I'm off to do some cycling of my own now.I've joined the gym up the road on a month's trial,so I'm making the most of the nice comfy exercise bikes with iPod docks while I can.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

In other news...

Yahoo's Blazin' Saddles blog on Cavendish's misfortune:

Many people will be happy to witness this extraordinary meltdown from someone who makes even Nicklas Bendtner look humble.


Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Et il continue...

Up until about 9.15 this evening,today was going very well.This morning I got a letter offering me an interview next week for a job that I applied for last month.It's all very exciting,as it's almost the same job that I did in Germany,but on my doorstep and means I'd go to Belgium and France a lot.Which leads me nicely on to the Tour de France,which had its first full day in the country it takes its name from today.

It's been an incredibly exciting first few stages with lots of dramatic crashes,a sort-of protest about said dramatic crashes,and Norway's Thor Hushovd getting his revenge for the protest about said dramatic crashes,by winning yesterday's stage.

Though I'm disappointed about the lack of the beautiful and charismatic Tom Boonen this year,it turns out I've got quite a lot of other favourite riders after all.I agree with Thor (Norway's version of "I agree with Nick"?),in that Fabian Cancellara shouldn't have organised the protest non-sprint the other day,but other than that,I am a big fan of the Swiss guy.Similarly,I've taken to the Schleck brothers.This may or may not be due to my ongoing fascination with all things Luxembourgish,but they just seem like nice guys,who've both had a hard time in this year's Tour.Despite being covered in cuts and bruises,Andy's doing very well and will hopefully be in with a big chance of winning the white jersey this year.And I hope Frank recovers quickly from his broken collarbone which he had surgery on last night.

Then of course there's Edvald who I mentioned in my last post.Following a not-so-good day yesterday,he finished in an amazing third place today,and is whizzing his way up the leaderboard for the white jersey,quite a way in front of our own Mark Cavendish (who I'm also strangely drawn to this year,I bought his autobiography and everything).I hope Norway are very proud of him,even if VG didn't give him the headline story he deserved this afternoon.

Of course it's hard to keep up with all the goings on of a race of such magnitude.So hurrah for websites like Cycling News.The Daily Dispatch is good reading for someone like me who actually knows nothing about the sport and can't even ride a bike.Yesterday's little article about Edvald made me giggle.

Mr. Verbosity....ummm, not

Team Sky's Edvald Boasson Hagen on whether he asked his teammates for advice before tackling his first Tour de France: "No, I haven't spoken much with them. I don't speak much generally." He can say that again...but probably won't.

And made me love him even more,obviously.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Le Tour commence!

I'm in a sports dilemmma today.At 3 o clock Germany are playing Argentina.I was pretty sure die Deutsche were going to beat England last week but this time I'm not so sure.It'll probably be the last time I see them,so I'd like to watch that.

But,today is the start of the Tour de France,which is just as exciting.This year's edition starts in Rotterdam and today there will be an 8,9km time trial in the city.Now I'm particularly looking forward to this year's Tour because of the new British Team Sky.British sports coverage is so UK-centric that I'm sure there'll be lots of attention given to this team,not least because a certain Bradley Wiggins is riding for them.But I'm more excited about this guy...

When I went to Norway with James in 2007,one of the copies of VG that I bought (and still have...obviously :) ) had a whole page dedicated to Edvald Boasson Hagen,proclaiming him to be very good indeed,and possibly Norway's next big thing in the cycling arena.He's set to make his Tour debut today and is seen by some of the other riders to be a threat in the time trial prologue.

As my favourite rider (Tom Boonen) isn't riding this year,I'll be supporting Edvald all the way,though it wouldn't be completely tragic if Fabian Cancellara had a good Tour either :)