Saturday, 21 January 2012

A quick thought about Eurovision

Almost exactly three years ago,I adopted Denmark as my Eurovision homeland.There were a few reasons for this- 1: I was living in northern Germany and had quite a lot to do with Denmark,2: Denmark feels like home to me and 3: they send bloody good songs.

They hadn't let me down in those 3 years but tonight they crossed the line by choosing the 3 minute whinge-fest that is Should've Known Better.It isn't the worst song in the world but for me it belongs on British radio in the late 90s.I would have liked it then probably.It just isn't a Eurovision song.If you're reading this you'll probably know that my favourite song in this year's MGP by far was Venter.Yes I know that's a really dated song too but I thought it was classy and cheesy in equal measure.And if I remember rightly,it was the only song this year that even attempted a drop and surge and key change.This is what I want in Eurovision,a one-off song that sticks in my brain and that I'll remember for years to come.I thought that a lot of the MGP songs this evening were no better than songs you'd hear in the charts any week of the year.

Call me old-fashioned (because I certainly am!) but I loved Venter because it makes me feel a bit nostalgic.Soluna Samay herself said that her favourite Eurovision song is Fly on the Wings of Love because it won in the year that she moved to Denmark and so it brings back memories.Well although the 2000 contest is the only one I've missed since I started watching in 1993- the Olsen Brothers song kind of typifies Eurovision music of the time I started to get into the contest and so that's why I still like hearing the same kind of music.Kind of like my dad never really moving on from schlager types because he started watching ESC in the ABBA days.It's all nostalgia.

Of course I don't only go for middle-aged men with guitars at Eurovision.My all-time favourites include Nocturne,Eighties Coming Back (rather appropriately I suppose!),Talking to You,Tornero,Fairytale,Work Your Magic,Siren and of course New Tomorrow- a song which I just don't think will be topped by anything for a good few years.All of these are pretty different and (with the probable exception of Jakob Sveistrup) all of them really stood out due to being completely different to your usual ESC fare,or simply for just putting on a bloody good performance.

I'm not just talking about Denmark tonight,there's been many songs in the last few years whose success I just don't understand (as you probably know,I'm not a believer in political voting),not least last year's winner.Eurovision needs songs that are one-offs.They don't have to be cheesy and they don't have to follow a certain formula,but they have to stand out.Otherwise we might as well just pick a track off the best selling album in each country for the year and send that.

And speaking of standing out- wouldn't it be great if Iceland sends this...