Thursday, 19 December 2013

2013 Top 20: 16- Oh you'll get yours when I get mine...

The Blue Van- There Goes My Love

And here we have a song from 2008... I think everyone knows by now how brilliant,life-changing and bloody good fun my trip to northern Denmark in June was.This is a song I heard on the Friday night at the Aalborg Regatta,a 3 day event which turned out to be pretty damn excellent (more about that later).
(Nothing like a late sunset on the Limfjord.This picture's from the band's Facebook page...)

Much like Veto,I'd never heard of The Blue Van before,but they really were one of the highlights of my trip.The band are from Brønderslev,a little bit north of Aalborg,and actually you might have heard their music before.This song was used in an advert for the iPad, Love Shot (another of my favourites) was used in Magic Mike,and I'm A Man (also brilliant) was used in one of the American Pie films.Which is pretty cool. Anyway,There Goes My Love is pure filth,which is basically the main reason why I love it :)

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