Wednesday, 18 December 2013

2013 Top 20: 18- No one knows exactly what is going on

Teitur- Antonio And His Mobile Phones I'll never get bored of this story... One night when I was in hospital, my dad came in saying one of my aunts had called him to say that she'd been in touch with Teitur, my ultimate musical hero. I mention him quite a lot on Facebook, and (I didn't even know my aunt went on there that much) she'd picked up on that and emailed him to tell him about my car accident/operation. His response? "Sounds tough." :) He asked for my details so he could send me Story Music, the new album I'd seen him perform in full, two weeks previously in Copenhagen. She missed a number out of our postcode, so when this huge packet arrived the day after I was discharged from hospital, with the wrong postcode and writing I recognised from the signed copy of Four Songs that I'd acquired after a show in Ghent last year, I did a small squeal. It wasn't just Story Music, it was this...
...and all this!
Some of those are promo albums with a few songs that I've never heard before as they've never been properly released. It's funny though, for 10 years, I've loved Teitur's lyrics, and quote them all the time. Never did I think that "let the dog drive home" would be good advice though :D Anyway, for number 18 in the countdown, I chose Antonio And His Mobile Phones, which is track 3 on the new album.I chose it because for me,it really encapsulates the idea of Story Music. Descriptive lyrics painting a picture of a mysterious market trader in Addis Abbaba, set to simple, cheerful music. Bonus points for using recorders and making them sound good. Mum always said they're "horrible, tuneless things." Not so in this case. But while this is the standout track for me, I do love the whole album. Every song is completely different, but they all fit the Story Music theme brilliantly. There isn't any audio/video of Antonio on its own, but here's a video that you should really watch. It has bits of each song and gorgeous, gorgeous shots of the beautiful Faroe Islands.

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