Thursday, 12 December 2013

2013 Top 20: 20- We don't need to be silent anymore

Veto- Take It Outside

As previously mentioned, not all of the songs in this countdown of 2013 greatness are actually from 2013. This is one. I nipped over to Copenhagen back in September to see Teitur perform at the Glassalen in Tivoli. Throughout summer in Tivoli, there's a load of open-air concerts by (mostly Danish) bands and artists on Friday nights, called Fredagsrock. I'd not been to one before and nor did I plan to go to this one, but when Teitur's show finished, I was drawn to this electro music going on on the stage 20 metres away. It's not normally my type of music, but the utterly gorgeous voice of singer Troels Abrahamsen and the- what I can only describe as- dirty, sexy bass lines kept me there for the whole set. And there, my love for Veto was born... The band are from Aarhus and have been around for nearly 10 years with their electro-rock and rather brilliant lyrics. I can't actually remember whether they did this song (from 2011 album Everything Is Amplified) at Tivoli or not, but it's subsequently become one of my favourites, and my most-listened to of this year*

*Until my car got written off and scrapped with that album still in the CD player :(

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